“Keira Knightley’s big head is blocking The Fassbender” links


The new poster for A Dangerous Method. Needs more Fassdong. [ONTD]
The East Coast earthquake just scared the Bejesus out of me. Only the Fassdong can make it better. [OMG Blog]
Rihanna in a bikini, plus some Will Smith stuff. [Yeeeah]
Did Selena Gomez dump Justin Bieber?!? Probably not. [Celebslam]
You too can own a million episodes of Law & Order. [LimeLife]
Brittany Snow looks kind of tweaked. [Moe Jackson]
Kim & Humphries are on their honeymoon all. [Amy Grindhouse]
Katherine McPhee is in Shark Night 3D. [Seriously? OMG! WTF?]
When Kim got married, everybody checked out her porno. [PopBytes]
Emma Watson is an amazing actress? We‘ll see. [The Celebrity Café]
E! News footage of Kim Kardashian‘s wedding. Meh. [Celebs]
Conan O‘Brien Barbarian. Excellent. [CityRag]
Katie Price and her pink jugs. [Hollywood Rag]
I love how Todd is a total Brangeloonie. [IDLITW]
God, I HATE Katy Perry‘s wiglet. [INFDaily]
Ross Mathews lands his own show. Gwyneth still thinks he‘s fat. [Bitten and Bound]
Review of Don‘t Be Afraid of the Dark: meh, boring. [Starpulse]




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