Becoming a Stylist for Men – Advice from Brian Spaly


If you’ve ever considered being a or are in fashion school, you should stop what you’re and take some time to read this article. It is a fact that in order to succeed in any field, you ought to get as much information about the field as you can. The most important information you can gather is advice those who have succeeded in the same or a similar field.

Brian Spaly is a household name especially in Manhattan. However, for the benefit of those not familiar with the name, he is the CEO of Trunk Club. Trunk Club is a unique remote styling service for men. Men who to look fashionable and yet do not have the time to pick out the clothes they need use this service for just that. These busy men email their stylists from Trunk Club. The stylist then selects clothes for them and sends them the selection. Working for or owning a company like Trunk Club is dream to many stylists. However, has agreed to share some words of wisdom with those interested in pursuing a career in style and fashion.

Unlike many stylists, Brian Spaly didn’t start out in fashion school. In fact, he was a business major in Stanford University. His career in style begun as he struggled to find clothes that fit him. He ended up making his own clothes and the rest is history.

Spaly believes that success as a stylist is only possible if you have the ability to sell. It doesn’t matter how fashionable or knowledgeable you are. You have to learn to sell your product or service to be successful. He advises those who want to make fashion their career to develop an interest for sales.

Brian Spaly points out that the best way to become a great sales person is through experience and not book learning alone. If you are a fashion student, you ought to start looking for a sales job; one that only pays you on commission based on your sales. Being forced to survive on your sales skills will you develop and horn them.

There is good news for fashion students. According to Spaly, more men are taking the time to purchase high quality clothes and are therefore willing to spend money to get advice from a stylist. There are therefore opportunities for those willing to take the plunge and become a stylist.

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