Brickleberry is the wrongest animated show you’ll ever see and that is a good thing!

Daniel Tosh is pretty on Tosh.0, so it makes sense his next project on the network would be an one. Tonight at 10:30p Brickleberry debuts on Comedy Central and this does things that no cartoon has done before. I thought that Drawn together pushed the envelope, but it ain’t got nothing on this one. I mean the show starts off with animals f*cking in all different type of positions and just continues to go there that point on.
So what is this show about besides doing things that no cartoon thought it could do. National Forrest is run by the most dysfunctional rangers in the world. If they don’t straighten up their acts, they will all be looking for new jobs. So they bring in one of the best rangers from Yellowstone Park and the Ranger of the Month for like ever is afraid she will steal his title away from him. So he does whatever he can to stop here and there will be blood, lots and lots of blood. Did I mention that they actually talk about periods on the show. Yeah it goes there. I seriously can’t even describe how wrong this show is, but I will tell you it is freaking funny as all heck.
Plus there is a talking bear, and that has to make you want to watch it. Unless I tell you he is raped by a redneck and that might make you change your mind. If it does, then I am lying. But I am not lying when I tell you, I really this show.


Seriously? OMG! WTF?

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