Courtney Stodden, 16, and 51 yo husband confirm reality show plans

16 year-old bride and her 51 year-old husband, character actor Doug Hutchison, appeared on an Australian morning yesterday. Courtney did her adult film star faces and Doug made a bunch of ridiculous statements about how they’re just living for the moment and embracing love or something. “Sexy love,” Courtney clarified. When they were asked if they were doing a reality show he said they’re being “seduced by producers” and were in negotiations now with someone prominent. Courtney promised us a “reality show like no other.” You mean disgusting and borderline illegal? This girl turns 17 next week, but she’s still not legal in many states, married or not.

“51 + 16 = love,” Doug told Australia’s The Morning Show was the secret of his successful marriage with his blonde bombshell wife by his side.

“51 + 16 = sexy love,” Courtney chimed in with her husband who is 35 years her senior.

In the obtained by, Courtney is wearing a brown tank top showing off her naturally curvaceous figure and dished on what it was that first attracted her to her husband.

“His face, of his of his sexy hair! Talk about seducing – he seduced me immediately. I knew off the bat that he was the one for me and that was it. When you find that one man you know you love, go for it!”

Doug said he and his happy 16-year-old bride have been “seduced by a lot of producers” and are working on a reality show about their unconventional yet happy marriage.

“It’s going to be a reality show like no other,” said Courtney. “Out of this .”

[From Radar]

My part of this video was the beginning, where they recapped Courtney’s face in her E! interview. Also that part where she said she was attracted to her new husband’s “face, his body and his sexy hair,” and said “he seduced me immediately,” while he looked all embarrassed. I love how she said she loved everything about him and then rattled off very superficial attributes. If you can get past the extreme skeeze factor, it’s actually pretty funny. Check out the 3:45 mark where she shakes it back and forth. These two are like a Saturday Night Live skit. Those little dogs slay me. I hope they don’t get a reality show, though. This is too much and way too unacceptable, even by reality standards.





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