DGA and SAG Awards Bring Out The Celebrity Hotties (Including My Future Wife, Shailene Woodley)

Of all the award shows, the SAG awards are probably the leader in self-masturbatory displays of ego-indulgence and whining the under-appreciation of the ‘craft’. And the DGA awards are not far behind.  But both took place over the weekend, and in between the congratulatory speeches of self-importance, there were some of Hollywood’s finest decked out for the cameras and their peers.

And, there was , at both events, my new true lust-blessing of a young thespianic, and a girl whose career we are following closely, with binoculars, in her apartment, after hours. We are fans.

In addition to Shailene, the DGA Awards were highlighted by Jennifer Aniston, Berenice Bejo, and Kathleen Robertson.

While the SAG Awards brought out the larger hot gaggle of Angelina Jolie, Natalie Portman, Dianna Agron, Emily Blunt, Chastain, Sarah Hyland, Maria Menounos, Lea Michele, and Sofia Vergara.

An quite nice weekend for A-list tail. Enjoy.

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