Duchess of Alba to Marry Alfonso Diez


In the autumn the 85-year-old Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart, the Duchess of Alba will .

This Spanish aristocrat actually holds 46 separate titles. Her wealth is valued at roughly $ 4.9 billion and put together, her property is 170 times the size of Monaco.

However, being such a wealthy and titled woman comes with pressures and the of has been a tabloid fixture in Spain for decades.

Following the death of her first husband Luis Martinez de Irujo in 1972, the Duchess spent time with a variety of flamenco dancers and eligible male matadors and tied the knot eventually with Jesus Aguirre, an ex-priest much younger than she.

At the time, the magazine called the unconventional union “the marriage that astounded Spain.”

Now, with her third marriage, Cayetana has made her way into the headlines again, for marrying Diez, a 61-year-old civil servant, 25 years younger.

Cayetana’s children publically disapprove of the marriage, adding to controversy.

Hola! magazine reports that to in order to assuage her family’s fear, she spent the summer dividing up her wealth, including an amazing collection of artwork by masters such as Velazquez and Goya, between her six children. By offering up her the planned her nuptials in late September or early October.

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