Hail’s Luscious Links

Alexa Vega showed off her perky tits. Spy Kids 4 suddenly more interesting…

Check out these :

  • Zoe Saldana or Emmy Rossum: this comes to whether you’re a TIT man or a LEG man. – Moe Jackson
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt hid those wide hips AND her rack here. Overkill! – I’m Not Obsessed
  • Zita Galgociova’s got the PERFECT body for a bikini/lingerie model. – Celebslam
  • Lindsay Lohan goes see-through. Her TITS are in fine shape, in case you were wondering. – The Blemish
  • Britney Spears gives Pauly D a lap dance. That’s IT, I’m buying a ticket to her concert. – Yeeeah
  • Bar Refaeli keeps on looking HOT. – CityRag
  • Ashey Tisdale vs Kelly Brook: I’d have to give this to the tittilicious KELLY! – Hollywood Tuna

Photo by FAME

Celebrity Gossip by Derek Hail

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