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I’m ready to see some more of Anna Torv in Fringe. This season, though, they need to send her to an alternate universe where we get to see some more of that BODY.

Check out these :

  • Megan Fox has got some meat on those bones, making that body even MORE luscious. – Moe Jackson
  • Amy Winehouse had NO illegal drugs in her system at the time of her death. Unsafe detox? Damn. – I’m Not Obsessed
  • LeAnn Rimes needs to look at before-and-after pics of Megan Fox and eat a sandwich. Or TEN. – Celebslam
  • Milla Jovovich doesn’t look as HOT as Rihanna in a bikini, but she’s not bad. – The Blemish
  • Ryan Gosling broke up a street fight. BADASS! – Yeeeah
  • Alexander Skarsgard looks HIGH as a damn kite here. – CityRag
  • Kelly Brook won the bikini showdown. JUSTICE! – Hollywood Tuna

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