Hail’s Luscious Links

Christina Ricci is pretty and has nice legs, but she needs to stop being so damn cheap and buy herself a pair of TITS already!

Now check out these :

  • Miranda Kerr off her LEGS. – Moe Jackson
  • Beyonce is KNOCKED UP! Damn I mean, Congrats! – I’m Not Obsessed
  • Eddie Cibrian needs to FORCE FEED LeAnn Rimes already. – Celebslam
  • Kendall Jenner is going to be the next Kardashian inflected on us. At least let get to legal age, Kris! – The Blemish
  • Minka Kelly is On The Market again. – Yeeeah
  • Zoe Saldana is HOT. Need to see her kick ass in Colombiana. – CityRag
  • Rihanna shows off her Oral SKILLZ with some ice cream. – Hollywood Tuna

Celebrity Gossip by Derek Hail

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