Inside Kim Kardashian’s Tao Bachelorette Party

Kim Kardashian

Photo by David Aguilera/

From a miniature male stripper giving Kim her own private strip tease to cakes and goodies shaped like male body parts, it sounds like the sisters had a great time at Kim’s bachelorette at Tao Las Vegas last night (January 23).

As Reports:

“My sisters are doing everything they can to embarrass me,” Kardashian told the crowd that cheered for her and more than 20 party guests, including sisters Khloé and Kourtney Kardashian, mother Kris Jenner, pals LaLa Vasquez Anthony and Brittny Gastineau, who all wore red light-up rings on their fingers.

Her fiancé Kris , meanwhile, wasn’t far away, celebrating his bachelor party at Lavo Las Vegas with Kim’s brother Rob Kardashian, Odom and several NBA players. Donning a white T-shirt, downed shots and sang along to the deejay. But the singing stopped momentarily when a woman crashed the celebration. That woman was Kim Kardashian.

Though the couple had vowed not to see other on their bachelorette/bachelor weekends, Kardashian headed to Lavo around 2 a.m., surprising Humphries at his VIP booth. After getting over the shock of seeing his fiancée on guys’ night, Humphries kissed his future bride delicately before picking her up to smooch her in full view of the club. Kardashian and her crew mingled with Humphries and his group for 10 minutes before departing and leaving the men alone.

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