It will be a fake tan orange Christmas!

Just when think that is somewhat sacred and could possibly be Jersey Shore free, I am here to break it to you that it won’t be because now you can get three ornaments of the MTV stars to hang on your tree. That’s right you can decorate your holiday pine tree with a plasticer Snooki, The Situation and Pauly D, if for some sick reason you want to do so? I don’t know what Kurt Adler was thinking when they came up with this idea for tree decorations and I hope Santa leaves some coal in their stocking because of it. I mean you have to feel for poor Saint Nick for having to look at the three of them hanging so many trees.
Now having said that, I would totally get them if the strings that are used to hang them were around their necks and not on the top of their heads. I bet you Kurt Adler would sell a lot more of them if they did…
Oh wait I thought of another great reason to get them, you can smush them! That is what they mean when they say smush, right?


Seriously? OMG! WTF?

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