Kate Winslet Rescues Richard Branson’s Mother From House Fire

Here’s another reason to love . She refuses to be airbrushed and be Hollywood skinny and she’s a kick-ass strong leading lady. What could make her cooler??? She is now a full-blown HERO.

While Kate and her kids were staying at bagillionaire’s Richard Branson’s home in the Caribbean a broke out that destroyed the huge property. But Kate saved the freakin’ day by not only getting her children out safely but rescuing Branson’s elderly momma.

kate and richard

Winslet and her two children were among the VIP guests at the ravaged the wood and stone mansion and ran into the night air in just their pyjamas. According to Sir Richard, courageous Miss Winslet acted like a true Hollywood heroine as she swept his 90-year-old Eve into her arms and helped carry her to safety as the mansion crumbled around them.

Read the whole story here and some pics of how cute Richard’s son Sam is!!!!

branson home

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