Lamar Odom Busted For A Wild Night With Strippers

’s husband may be the second NBA player to get the boot from the Klan. RadarOnline claims that recently had a night with some trashy strippers at a club in Washington D.C.

khloe lamar strippers

Lamar was seen dishing out hundreds of dollars to strippers who were’ grinding on him,’ and at one point he was even seen passed out in a corner. In a stripclub? Eww.

The venue bills itself as a five star dining and premier gentleman’s club experience. He was joined by Mavericks teammates Shawn Marion and Delonte West. They were all at the club on Sunday night – just hours before the 2011 NBA champions were honoured by President Barack Obama at the White House the following day.

Another onlooker told Radar: ‘Lamar looked to have about 500 one dollar bills in his hand and he gave all of the money to the dancers through-out the night. He made sure the girls were well taken care of. He was throwing money at the women.’

They also report that he took a stripper that looked a lot like Khloe in the VIP room and was in there a while. They always cheat with someone that looks like the wife.

*Sigh. Men. can’t live with them.. can’t bury them in the backyard.

Stay tuned for the ho that did the deed in the VIP to be selling her story to highest bidder next week.


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