Lindsay Lohan ‘passed out from exhaustion’ after working ’85 hours in 4 days’

I’m glad CB covered the latest cracktastrophe from Lindsay Lohan, because I’m really over it at this point. I guess I should say that I’m in a constant state of “Jesus, what did she do NOW?” with Lindsay at this point. This is the second week (IN A ROW) in which Lindsay did something dumb on a Friday afternoon most were done for the day. Two Fridays ago, she totaled her (rented) Porsche on the PCH. This Friday she was so “exhausted” she was unresponsive for . Allegedly. Sort of.

CB initially thought that this Friday’s incident was proof that Lindsay was going even further downhill fast, and that the end was nigh. But as time , even CB realized that Lindsay is simply the same ol’ cracked-out mess that she always is, no better and no worse. I agree with some of the commenters claiming that the now-official version of what went down – Lindsay was initially “unresponsive” but the paramedics didn’t take her to the hospital and she’s totally fine – is the cover story for something more crackie. But for now, Lindsay herself is pushing the “exhaustion” story. She got on Twitter (I forgot she was on Twitter) and wrote this:

[Via Lindsay’s Twitter]

CB and I were trying to figure out if the “85 hours in 4 figure is some crack-math by Lindsay. What does “85 hours” include? Does it include the hours of downtime waiting to go on set? Does it include all of the hours of “preparation” (coke) to get into character? Did Lindsay really mean to write “85 lines in 4 days”? Ugh, whatever.

My real theory about this incident is that Lindsay really was “passed out”. I think she had been drinking and mixing medications and she unconscious, not asleep. And I think Lindsay is like that a lot of the time – mixing prescription meds with illegal drugs and alcohol to create a cracked-out cocktail that makes her barely lucid. But my theory doesn’t have an answer for “Why didn’t the paramedics just take her to the hospital?” I don’t know.

Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News & Lifetime.

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