Madness At The Marquee! Who Was Tops At This Weekend’s Box Office?

Sorry, Clooneyites and Gosling lovers . . . your boys were trounced by Wolverine weekend.

And how. Hugh Jackman’s critically reviled Reel Steel earned more than twice what the Clooney-Gosling political drama The Ides of March opened in its opening weekend. This, despite the fact that Ides was considerably higher rated by critics (including truly) and that the poster featuring the two men’s faces split on a cover of TIME magazine has become more ubiquitous than the Obama Hope symbol.

Jackman’s drama took in an estimated $ 27.3 million, easily topping the take of Clooney’s latest political drama, which took in $ 10.4 million. Maybe it pays to have Steve Spielberg as your executive producer . . . or maybe audiences aren’t in the mood for a political drama in the midst of economic turmoil and the inexplicable surging of Herman Cain among Republican voters. (I doubt Clooney cares either way, to be honest). But, just to keep things in perspective, keep in mind that the Gosling solo starrer Drive opened with $ 11.3 million in August, sans the mega star cast and without Clooney wielding the megaphone.

Go fig.

Rounding out the top five were the family friendly Dolphin Tale starring Harry Connick Jr. (formerly of gay sitcom fame) and the ever-roaring juggernaut that is The Lion King. Lest you Disney fans are worried you will have to wait for another animated classic for another couple years, be assured that Disney has heard your dollars at the ticket window and has announced wide 3D re-releases of Beauty & The Beast, The Little Mermaid, Monsters, Inc. and Finding Nemo. All the way through 2013. Yes, 2013.

The cancer comedy (it feels odd to type that phrase), 50/50, was in fifth place, proving that Seth Rogen occasionally makes sound career choices.

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