Billy Joel’s ex wife makes Harry Smith bleed

Katie Lee Joel was on The Early Show demonstrating how to cut zucchini when she forced the anchor Harry Smith to use the mandoline food slicer. Well things didn’t go so well for the CBS News anchor because he sliced his finger open and started bleeding. Lucky for him when he got to the hospital the father of CBS News medical correspondent Dr. Jen Ashton treated him and he didn’t even get any stitches according TV Newser.
BTW how messed up was it that Katie Lee was laughing after he sliced himself? I would do the same thing, but it is still messed up!

The real story is behind the news anchor!!!

So news stations around the world have been using their newsrooms as backdrops for their newscasts and 99.9% what is going on behind the anchor is uneventful. But then every now and again you have something eventful happen like two producers getting into a knock down, drag out fight while the poor anchor is trying to read the news. Boy did that fight escalate pretty quickly, I am so curious to find out what it is about. That and if both of them were fired because of it? And the icing on the cake in that report is how quickly the anchor got out of there as soon as he realized what was happening!
Am I the only who can’t stop watching this video?

Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder: Flying Friends

Flying alongside one another, Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder were spotted arriving at LAX Airport in Los Angeles on Saturday evening (February 13).

The “Vampire Diaries” co-stars strolled through the crowded terminal as they continued promotional efforts with their Hot Topic tour at Hot Topic in Canoga Park, California.

Talking about the hit show, executive producer and writer Kevin Williamson told press, “For that kind of success you need the right girl, and we certainly got lucky with casting Nina Dobrev.”

“It is always hard to find that anchor. And if you look at the signature CW shows, you’ll always see that anchor girl,” he adds.