Justin Bieber Slammed by San Francisco City Attorney For Graffiti Campaign

Back in November his publicity team spray painted ads for his new album Purpose on the sidewalks of San Francisco, and now Justin Bieber is getting an earful from the town’s legal team.

City Attorney Dennis Herrera is calling the campaign “graffiti” and demanding that Def Jam Records and Universal Music Group pay for the cleanup.

Herrera has vowed to “aggressively pursue all available penalties and costs from those responsible for lawless marketing tactics,” adding, “Our sidewalks in San Francisco are not canvases for corporate advertising, and we have made that clear,” he said in the news release. Yet these guerrilla marketers believe they are above the law when it comes to blighting our city and we will take a strong stand against them.”

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Is Lindsay Lohan Headed Back to Jail?

Lindsay Lohan, Lily Allen

The revolving jail door may be spinning once again for Lindsay Lohan, who’s under police investigation for battery against a rehab worker.

L.A. Superior Court Judge Elden Fox may be faced with having to make good on his threat of more incarceration for Lohan if she violated probation in a DUI case.

“If the latest allegations are true, it just spells disaster for Lindsay,” says L.A. criminal defense attorney Richard Hirsch, who’s not involved with the case. “After all the chances she’s had, the judge may have no other option left.”

Two months ago, Fox spared Lohan from jail after she failed a drug test, convinced that the actress ‘

X17 EXCLUSIVE – Lindsay Lohan's Alleged Assault Victim Asked About Termination From Betty Ford


Dawn Holland, the staffer who was fired from Betty Ford after allegedly getting into an altercation with Lindsay Lohan, was snapped near her home today and X17 videographers questioned her about the incident.

Radar reports that Holland was paid $10,000 by TMZ for an interview and pictures, and when the rehab center learned of this, her employment was terminated for violating HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) laws. HOWEVER, when asked whether she was paid ten grand by the gossip site, Holland told X17online exclusively that she was not given compensation, and she declined to comment on her condition or respond to any other questions.

We contacted her attorney Keith Davidson, and he released the following statement to X17online:

“Ms. Holland was immediately targeted, unmercifully interrogated, intimidated and threatened with her livelihood unless she conformed to the immoral and unethical requests of the Clinic. The BFC was exerting every influence they had in attempting to cover-up their own unlawful conduct. It’

Paris Hilton Enters Plea Deal, Avoids Jail Time

hiltonavoidsjai.jpg Paris Hilton has plead guilty to two misdemeanor counts of drug possession and obstructing an officer, and she will avoid jail time as a part of the deal. The heiress was arrested last month in Las Vegas after police found cocaine in her purse, and she will serve a year of probation, pay a $2,000 fine, complete a drug abuse program and participate in 200 hours of community service.

Hilton’s attorney David Chesnoff told the Associated Press, “Ms. Hilton understands the seriousness of the situation and appreciates the chance she is being given. She has to stay out of trouble.” Clark County District Attorney David Roger told the Las Vegas Review-Journal, “If she is arrested for anything besides a minor traffic violation she will spend a year in jail. There will be no discussion.”
If only Lindsay Lohan had this kind of luck!

X17 XCLUSIVE – Kate Gosselin's Lawyer Describes Jon's Custody Filing As "Procedurally Defective"


Kate Gosselin’s attorney, Mark Momjian, is taking a stand against attorney Anthony F. List’s harsh comments regarding Kate’s “absentee” parenting skills. List, Jon’s attorney, told X17online previously, “Hollywood has had too much influence on the decisions she’s made as a mother.”

In response, Momjian tells X17online exclusively:

“That is offensive. Those words were not used in his pleading. That’s how he characterized our client. Obviously, we take offense to it because it’s blatantly untrue.”

Just yesterday, Kate’s ex filed papers in a Pennsylvania courthouse to gain primary custody of the eight children he shares with Kate. The filing also included revisions to the $20,000-a-month in child and spousal support that Jon currently pays to his ex wife.

Momjian had this to say about the filing:

“We think it’s procedurally defective. We’re going to bring these procedural defects to the court. We’re not required to respond for another twenty days.”

Sources close to the case tell X17online that the legal teams will definitely not wait the full twenty days. Both sides are hoping to expedite the process and most likely will be back in court within the next two weeks.
Who do you think should get full custody of the kids…Jon or Kate?