Soulja Boy Drops $55 MILLION on Private Jet

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Soulja Boy doesn’t know the meaning of the word recession — because TMZ has learned, the 21-year-old rapper is dropping $55 MILLION on a new private jet.

A member of Soulja’s management team tells us … the kid bought himself a G5 jet as a birthday present to himself this week.

The jet cost $35 mil … but that’s just the beginning. We’re told the birthday boy is dropping an additional $20 million to pimp out his ride with all sorts of cool stuff … like 12 custom Italian leather seats, flat screen TVs, 4 liquor bars, a special travertine tiled floor, and Brazilian hardwood cabinets.

We’re told S.B. is also gutting the in-flight lavatory — and replacing it with a giant, LUXURIOUS bathroom. Oh, he’s also giving the jet a custom paint job … to include his logo.

And if that’s not enough for someone’s 21st — we’re told Soulja’s also spending $300,000 to throw himself a blowout birthday party at a Miami nightclub tonight … and Dwight Howard, Bow Wow, and Sean Kingston are all expected to attend.

Kids these days.


Matthew McConaughey Grabs A Birthday Bite With Camila

sunglasses Matthew McConaughey suit birthday dress couple

Matthew McConaughey is like a fine wine because he keeps getting better with age. The buff papa of two turned the big 4-1 yesterday and celebrated by taking his gorgeous wife Camila Alves to a fundraising event in Santa Monica.

Hours before he put on this suit, X17online photographers caught the birthday boy showing off his muscles while leaving a Brazilian Ju-Jitsu studio in Malibu. This Texas boy sure does clean up well!

Hold on to him tight, Camila.

Hot daddy!

Victoria Justice @ ELLE and Express “25 at 25”

Victoria Justice @ ELLE and Express "25 at 25"

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin

Victoria Justice is set to star in the Nickelodeon movie, The Boy Who Cried Werewolf, as Jordan. “Jordan Sands is a beautiful but clumsy tomboy who the world hasn’t gotten around to noticing yet. She has a few close friends and a loving family, but it will still take a radical transformation to get her out of her shell.” Source

The movie will premiere on Nickelodeon on Saturday, October 23rd at 8/7c. For more info, visit The Boy Who Cried Werewolf at

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Ali Larter @ “Secretariat” World Premiere in L.A.

Ali Larter @ "Secretariat" World Premiere in L.A.

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin

Ali Larter confirmed what the public already knew that she’s having a baby boy with husband Hayes MacArthur. She was last seen in Resident Evil: Afterlife as Claire Redfield alongside Milla Jovovich.

On Jimmy Fallon’s show, she said, “I’ve got a little penis inside of me. Ohhhh! I was trying to keep it private, but we’re having a boy!” Source

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Good Charlotte Debuts Video For "Like It's Her Birthday"

The boys from Good Charlotte are back with a brand spanking new video for their new song “Like It’s Her Birthday”, complete with pole dancing, body shots and plenty of squirting champagne!

They used to be the pioneers of pop/punk, but with their matching outfits and boy band moves, they seem to be dropping the punk and moving firmly into pop territory!

Thumbs down, boys.


All you teen girls who are now between 25-35 and covered your walls with either New Kids on the Block or Backstreet Boys posters or better yet both in the ’90s, be prepared to get that feeling all over again because the two boy bands are going on tour together. A source told E! that they are close to signing a deal with LiveNation and, “The idea is to recreate the boy band phenomenon. It will be the ultimate ladies’ night out.” The source added that they are looking to add a third boy band and they are considering Boys II Men. Personally I think they either need a band from the ’80s or the last decade, so I say either Menudo or the Jonas Brothers. The latter’s 15 minutes are almost up, so this would be a great way to extend it. Now back to the tour, I feel bad for all the ushers that are going to have to listen to all of those screaming women remembering their teenage dreams! The screeching will certainly hurt their ears, it is already hurting mine thinking about it.
BTW I thought of a great promotion for the tour, Syfy should do a movie with NKOTB vs BSB…Mega Lobsters vs Gigantic Stone Crabs! NKOTB are Harvard scientists trying to stop the Mega Lobsters from taking over while BSB are University of Miami scientists doing the same with Gigantic Stone Crabs, so the 9 men get together and have their water creatures fight it out. Doesn’t that sound Mega!

Heidi Montag Rages Against Spencer Pratt In Song Lyrics, Calling Him A "Liar" And A "Cheat!"


Heidi Montag may be staying out of the spotlight as her (fake?) marriage to Spencer Pratt unravels, but she’s speaking out in song against the man she calls a gifted liar in her new album.

“My friends are calling me everyone is telling me what you have been doing who you have been screwing.. your twisted as a liar you are gifted,” she tweeted while in the studio recording her new album.

Other lyrics include “Look at me baby how I’m doing just drop like when I’m doing hahahaha.. now he says he wants me I don’t need that concrete weighing on me,” and “Gonna get caught sooner or later hey boy your not the one for me hey boy your not the one for me.”

Last night, Heidi added another lyric to the list: “Cause I wanna let my hair down is that alright is that ok? Ill be your blond tonight if that’s what you like uhhhhh stilettos and fish nets.”

Sounds like Heidi is doing a lot of letting her hair down — but when will she do it in public?
Will YOU buy her latest album?