Kristen Stewart @ “The Yellow Handkerchief” L.A. Premiere

Kristen Stewart @ "The Yellow Handkerchief" L.A. Premiere

As expected, Kristen Stewart looks bored out of her mind. Either she’s lost in an emo trance 24/7 or she really hates all the glitz & glamor that comes with Hollywood. Here’s more about the film in which she co-stars:

After being released from prison after six years, Ex-convict Brett Hanson (William Hurt) becomes lost in a new and unfamiliar world of freedoms and responsibilities. Struggling to reconcile himself with his disastrous past, he embarks on a journey to his home of Southern Louisiana to reunite with the ex-wife he left behind, May (Maria Bello). Along this journey, he meets two teenagers: Martine (Kristen Stewart), a troubled 15-year-old who has has just escaped her family, and Gordy (Eddie Redmayne), a geeky outcast desperately seeking acceptance. Martine and Gordy offer to give Brett a lift home, and the three embark on a road trip through post-Hurricane Katrina Louisiana, reflecting on their own personal misfit status while discovering in themselves and each other the acceptance each so deeply desires. Brett weighs whether to start a new life or rekindle his love with May, Martine reevaluates her relationships with boys and her family, and Gordy struggles with his affection for Martine.[Source]

The film hits theaters this weekend. Check the official website for more pics & trailers.

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