Dancing with the injured Stars is back

(photo from ABC)
Dancing with the Stars during the last few season has been known more for its injuries than its dances and this season has just claimed its first victim. Olympic Gold Ice Skater Evan Lysacek Tweeted that he has two broken toes.

I have two broken toes. Ouch!! Updates to follow.
Broken Toes update: feeling better with some pain killers and taping.I trained all day yesterday and today.Felt better in my skate actually.
I will not let a couple broken toes effect any of my planned appearances for a Smuckers Stars on Ice or Dancing with the Stars!!!!
Toe needs his own Twitter page.

Amazing that these Olympic athletes suffer worse injuries during DWTS than they do training for the Olympics. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Olympic Gold Volleyball player Misty May-Traenor suffered a ruptured her achilles tendon during the 7th season of the show and was forced to drop out. It will be interesting to see tonight if even though he said he will continue on if he will be able to. Lance Bass danced with a fractured toe and The Woz kept waltzing with a crush injury to his ankle but Tom DeLay had to drop out from two stress fractures to his feet. Which former competitor will Evan Lysacek follow? Tune into Dancing with the Stars tonight on ABC at 8p to find out.
BTW I wonder how much the medical insurance costs for this show?

Jesse James — Broken Man

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Jesse James is a “broken man” who is trying desperately to save his marriage, according to his lawyer.Attorney Joe Yanny says, “This whole thing has destroyed Jesse’s entire universe. Right now, he’s a broken man.”Yanny says Jesse is still in love …


Jeff Conaway injured in a fall

(photo from WireImage)
Taxi star Jeff Conaway was badly injured when he fell down the stairs at his home earlier today. His girlfriend Vicki told TMZ that he “suffered a broken hip, a broken arm, a fractured neck and a brain hemorrhage.” She also told them he was going to undergo surgery for his broken hip. Hopefully as he recovers from these injuries he doesn’t get back into the drug habit he had that led him two several rehab stints including two on Celebrity Rehab.

Penelope Cruz Rocks A Bikini in Brazil! (w/ Javier Bardem)

Penelope Cruz Rocks A Bikini in Brazil! (w/ Javier Bardem)

From the looks of these, it appears Javier Bardem loves the booty! Who the hell can blame him, right? That sonofabitchwhorebagluckybastard! Anyway, these were snapped yesterday as the couple vacation in Brazil.

For all you Penelope lovers, you can catch her in two critically acclaimed flicks out in theaters right now. First, it’s the Pedro Almodóvar’s sultry Spanish film “Broken Embraces,” in which Penelope plays a secretary/part-time call girl. How can you go wrong there? And secondly, it’s the celebrity-packed musical “Nine,” which also stars Daniel Day-Lewis, Judi Dench, Nicole Kidman, Marion Cotillard, Sophia Loren, Kate Hudson and last but not least, Grammy Award winner Fergie! Phew! It’s a musical, so be wary.

Here’s the “”Broken Embraces” trailer, which I personally dig:

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