Paddleboarder Calls Himself ‘Blessed’ After Videoing A Shark Lurking Underneath Him… But Not For The Reason You Think!

Most people would be terrified to see this, but not Danny Reid.

The paddleboarder was enjoying his Saturday in the water off the coast in Huntington Beach, California when he saw a shark patrolling the water underneath him!

[ Video: Killer Whale Bites A Paddleboarder’s Board ]

Danny captured the creature on video, and can be heard screaming, “Oh my God!”

After the encounter, Danny explained that he sees sharks in that area every single time and that he feels “blessed to have witnessed these sharks in their natural environment.”

Meanwhile, researchers in Southern California are trying to figure out why the shark sightings are way up this year, but haven’t solved the riddle yet.

Apparently in Danny’s world, he really does live every week like it’s Shark Week!

Ch-ch-check out the video (below)!

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Rachel Ray or Ellen DeGeneres Calls Giada DeLaurentiis A BJ Queen?

Some days I get really tired of the celebrity gossip world…but then something like this pops up and I’m right back in it baby!  There are few A-list female talk show hosts…really we are only talking about Rachel Ray or Ellen Degeneres.

giada de laurentiis

Here is a conversation last week that an A list talk show host had with his/her staff about booking someone.

The talk show host and some producers were were in a light production meeting just going over the upcoming schedule. The talk show host mentioned that they want more general guests on the show and to cut back on other parts of the show. The host was also open to having cooking segments come in. One of the producers suggested Giada because it would be a nice ratings booster to have both of them together. The host pondered the suggestion but said nothing. The one of the other producers said.

Producer: Just make sure to keep Giada away from the band.
Host: Laughs
Producer who suggested it: What?
Host: You know!
Producer who suggested it: Know what? Oh, because of the John Mayer thing? That was made up by Star Magazine.

AT that point the talk show host started talking about how the producer was clueless about what Giada’s deal is and that it is way more than rumors. Apparently Giada would confide in a stylist who also styled the talk show host and was not shy about spilling what was spilled to him which basically included that Giada often would use the excuse of “production meetings” to go meet with guys. The talk show host then called Giada a word that begins with an s and rhymes with mutt.

The producer who suggested her then asked, “so she is out then?”
The talk show host then replied, “who else do you have besides the blowjob queen?” (CDAN)

Miranda Kerr: Sexy in Sydney

Enjoying some time in her homeland, Miranda Kerr was spotted out and about in Sydney, Australia earlier today (February 9).

The Victoria’s Secret hottie was all smiles as she arrived at Bondi Icebergs for a swanky David Jones party, sporting a leggy black dress with matching heels.

And though she’ll be away from her boyfriend Orlando Bloom this Valentine’s Day, Miss Kerr already has an offer to be pampered by someone else.

Radio deejay Jason Hawkins has offered to cook Miranda breakfast in bed and will make the pitch when she calls the station on Thursday.

He explained, “I don’t think Orlando’s with her. He’s working on a movie overseas so she’s flying solo, that’s the whole point. I was just going to run down to Coles and see what was on special, but now I might go all out and hit Zone Fresh.”