Gwen Stefani’s Face Never Seems To Change; Dailymail: Charlie Rose In Denial; IDLYITW: Taylor Swift Won’t Win Any Awards

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Allred and Transsexual Beauty Queen Seek to Change Beauty Pageant Rule

Share..Beauty pageants are full of rules and regulations that contestants have to abide by. To be considered a valid contestant, you have to be female; that is a no-brainer. However, there is somewhat of a grey area. If someone was born male but now assumes a female identity and appearance, could that person be considered […]

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Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner: Capri Chicks

Currently in the midst of a trek through Europe, Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner were spotted keeping busy in Capri, Italy on Saturday (September 18).

Making numerous stops during the course of the afternoon, the purple dress clad E! babe and her mom grabbed up lunch before treating themselves to an ice cream at the pier market.

Also partaking in a little sightseeing, the brunette beauties checked out the view at a spectacular panoramic sea-view terrace locale.

Tweeting to her fans during the day, Kim encouragingly wrote, “Your surroundings may change but always stay true to yourself, never change! *You can change the frame but the picture stays the same*”

In related news, it’s being reported by Perez Hilton that Miss Kardashian has once again split from Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Miles Austin.

Telling that “they broke up weeks ago,” the Perez insider tells that the two are “taking a break” and “it’

School’s back for 90210 and Gossip Girl tonight

West Beverly High School is still in the 90210, but the show has moved to a new night this school year and tonight is the premiere of the 3rd season on The CW at 8p.
After the bell rings at 8:59p, change classes and coasts to watch Gossip Girl or in tonight’s case change countries. At 9p on the season premiere the episode takes place at the end of the summer and Blair and Serena have been in Paris (shot beautifully on location) for a few months and their friendship is as strong as ever…at least for a little while. Chuck has disappeared after the season finale and a body has been found in the water with his ID…is it him? Dan has been keeping a secret and who will be the first one to find out? Georgina might also be keeping a secret, but only one person thinks they know the truth. The season is starting off with a lot of people being kept in the dark about a lot of things, and by the end of next week’s episode a bunch of those secrets will start to see the light of day.
It is a definitely going to be another fashionable and fascinating season of Gossip Girl and you don’t want to be unfashionable so get spotted watching GG tonight and every Monday at 9p.

Jessica Biel Goes Brunette

Jessica Biel  hair purse blazer pantsJessica Biel has ditched her sun-kissed locks for a very serious shade of chestnut brown.

The actress-turned-director (she’s directing a short for Glamour’s Reel Moments series), has been hoofing it around town solo while boyfriend Justin Timberlake shoots Friends With Benefits.

We certainly hope she didn’t pull one of those needy girlfriend moves and change her hair just to get his attention! Although we suspect the change has a lot more to do with her role in new thiller The Tall Man, which starts shooting at the end of the month, where she’ll play a desperate mother who is searching for her missing child.

Sounds like fun!
Do you like it?

Heidi Klum: Bar Pitti Mommy Mode

With her entire brood in tow, Heidi Klum was spotted out on a family lunch date in New york City on Tuesday afternoon (June 29).

The motherly-minded supermodel had a few helping hands as she headed into Bar Pitti in Manhattan’s West Village with Lou Sulola, Leni, Johan, and Henri.

The sighting comes just as Miss Klum readies to promote a brand new season of “Project Runway” airing on Lifetime beginning July 29.

Making for a change, the new installments will be 90-minutes long, rather than the usual 60-minute segments.

Of the change, Heidi told press, ‘

Ryan Seacrest is such a tease

(photo from WireImage)
For those of us who still care about American Idol after last season, we are anxiously waiting to see who they will get to replace the irreplaceable Simon Cowell. So yesterday when Ryan Seacrest Tweeted, “Just got audition cities for @americanidol 10: Nashville, Milwaukee, New Orleans, E. Rutherford, Austin & S.F. Tmrw announcing a big change!”, I was hoping that maybe we would get the new judge(s) announcement. No such luck because Fox and American Idol announced that the “big change” is that they are lowering the audition age to 15. I don’t think the change is going to make any difference because as we have seen in years pasts the older contestants always do better than the younger ones because of maturity. That and as we are learning with Justin Bieber, their Baby voices are still changing.
So if you are between the ages of 15-28, here are the audition cities.

Nashville, TN on Saturday, July 17 at Bridgestone Arena
Milwaukee, WI on Wednesday, July 21 at Bradley Center
New Orleans, LA on Monday, July 26 at TBA
East Rutherford, NJ on Tuesday, Aug. 3 at IZOD Center
Austin, TX on Wednesday, Aug. 11 at Frank Erwin Center
San Francisco, CA on Thursday, Aug. 19 at AT&T Park

So now that Idol has announced that they will start auditions on July 17th, do you think that they will announce who will be sitting at the judges table in 2011 by then?

Justin Bieber needs Somebody to Love

Justin Bieber’s new video for Somebody to Love debuted tonight and I think he was too young for it. It was a cool video, but not for a 16 year old boy. It works for Usher, but not for the Biebs. What does the teen know about being sexy? He is a teen idol, not a sex symbol.
Plus it was the first time I realized that once his voice changes, how the sound of all of his songs will change. It will be interesting to see how a deeper voice will change the feel of his songs.