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Christina Aguilera Doesn’t Like to Wear Underwear

I have some disturbing news. revealed to Chelsea Handler last night that she doesn’t like to wear underwear. “I like to be as free as possible at all times. It’s just who I am.” Oh, I know. I feel a little queasy too.

Five years ago this would have been really hot. The day after this interview, photogs would have been sliding on the ground like penguins trying to get an upskirt shot of her. These days they’re more likely to stand a few feet away just in case they trip and end up falling underneath her dress. The blood curdling screams would be deafening.

The Blemish

Christina Milian’s New Swimsuit Pictures Are Loaded With Drool-Inducing Sexiness

Christina Milian

Here’s Christina Milian enjoying the beach in Miami yesterday afternoon, and impressing the hell out of me with a wickedly sexy display of her bodacious body in a skimpy little swimsuit… damn! Now I always thought that this peach was a hottie, but these sexy swimsuit pictures cast her in a whole new light… a super cleavagy, bootylicious, bodacious curves kind of light! Good lord, I don’t know what to gawk at first. I know, I’ll just take my time and gawk at everything. Very, very slowly. One more time… damn!

Christina Milian Christina Milian Christina Milian Christina Milian

Christina Milian Christina Milian Christina Milian Christina Milian

Christina Milian Christina Milian Christina Milian Christina Milian
Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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Christina Aguilera Tends to Bruised-Up Max at LAX Airport

Gently carrying her seemingly injured young son, Christina Aguilera toted little Max Bratman while joined by boyfriend Matthew Rutler in catching a flight out of LAX Airport in Los Angeles on Tuesday (August 23).

The “Genie In a Bottle” singer immediately covered her boy up with a blanket upon exiting their vehicle, though pictures taken at the security checkpoint show Max having a bit of a shiner underneath his right eye.

The out of town travels come as Miss Aguilera’s slated performance at an October tribute concert to Michael Jackson is up in the air due to protests over the “Michael Forever” event.

According to Rolling Stone, a group with pull has “criticizied the timing of the show, which coincides with the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray for involuntary manslaughter in the death of Jackson, and expressed confusion over the event’s charitable donations and high ticket prices.”

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Christina Ricci is a Stand-Up Gal

Christina Ricci

Christina Ricci

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Photo by Christopher Peterson/

Just when we thought we couldn’t love this girl anymore, actress Christina Ricci took time out of her busy schedule to sign autographs and pose with fans outside her matinee performance of Time Stands Still at the Cort Theater in New York. Christina brought along her biggest fan, her little puppy Karen!

Christina Aguilera & Matt Rutler's Off Vine Date Night

Stepping out for a romantic dinner date, Christina Aguilera was spotted on the town with boyfriend Matthew Rutler in Los Angeles on Thursday night (January 13).

The loved-up twosome made their way over to Off Vine restaurant for a little comfort food before hopping in their new 2011 Mustang GT and speeding away.

The outing comes just after it was announced that Christina will be performing at Super Bowl XLV in Dallas, Texas.

With the annual event taking place on February 6th, Miss Aguilera will be opening up the action by belting out the Star Spangled Banner just before kickoff.

BREAKING!! Christina Milian Goes Down Curb Leading With Her LEFT Foot!

BREAKING!! Christina Milian Goes Down Curb Leading With Her LEFT Foot!

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

These were snapped yesterday afternoon in Los Angeles as Christina Milian heads to lunch with Paris Hilton to film her upcoming reality show. What the fuck is Christina Milian, of all people, doing with Paris Hilton? I hope she’s not getting real desperate for work or anything. If so, her baby-daddy The-Dream better throw in a few extra Gs in child support! Chop-Chop!

And, for all you “CSI” fans, Christina just wrapped on an upcoming episode and rumor has it that she plays a dancer, so look out for that when it hits the airwaves.
Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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Cher has another Burlesque moment

WireImage and Fame
Last month Cher showed us her blue underwear when she left her permanently mark on Hollywood Blvd, and now she is showing us her nipples in Madrid at the premiere of her new movie Burlesque. Guess the 64 year old actress had to find new ways to top her co-star Christina Aguilera who announced her split just days before the movie came out.
BTW I am so envious that the mother of two actually still has perky boobs like that at her age.