“Kim Kardashian & Kanye West’s third baby is due before Christmas?” links

Kim Kardashian shows off her curves in all brown after Dave Chappelle's pop up gig

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Kanye West leaves  Matsuhisa Sushi restaurant in Beverly Hills


Taylor Swift Creeps on Her Fans and Sends Them Christmas Gifts

There’s a fine line between appreciating your fans and getting all single white female on them. Taylor Swift filmed herself wrapping presents for fans on ‘Swiftmas’. Presents that eventually gave them crying fits when they received them. OMG OMG OMG!! After 1989 came out, Swift followed a bunch of fans on social media, or ‘Tay-lurking’. Creeeepy. She would make notes of their likes and dislikes until this Christmas, when she sent them all personalized Christmas gifts and OMG I’LL NEVER WASH THESE HANDS AGAIN!!

Is Swift going after Jennifer Lawrence’s crown of most down-to-earth celebrity ever? Taylor may not realize fans are quite fickle. Don’t be surprised to see her show up at their house one day asking “Why won’t you love me?? Did I do something wrong???”

The Blemish

Duchess Kate came to Sandringham after Christmas, just in time for the hunt

I was kind of surprised by the backlash against Duchess Kate and Prince William for spending Christmas with her family instead of with the royal family. The tradition is to always – ALWAYS – spend Christmas with the Queen at Sandringham if you’ve got a title. Married royals cannot invite their commoner in-laws to the Queen’s Christmas celebrations, and everything is coordinated minute-by-minute. So… considering Kate is still so sick (?), it didn’t surprise me that she wanted to spend Christmas with her family. But there was still a backlash, because more and more it feels like William and Kate will do anything to avoid work, or making expected public appearances, or traditional royal events. So, what’s happening now? Well, they saw the backlash and they got their royal arses to Sandringham.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have finally joined the rest of the Royal Family for a belated Christmas celebration, after choosing to spend the festive season with the Middleton family instead. William and Kate arrived at Sandringham House, the Queen’s private estate in Norfolk, early on Boxing Day just in time for Prince Philip’s annual pheasant shoot.

It was the first time the Duchess had been seen in public since she attended her office party before Christmas. She was seen going to church with the Middleton family on Christmas Day but the Palace bizarrely requested that no pictures take of her were published.

The couple were driven the 155 miles from Kate’s new family home in Berkshire to East Anglia, a journey which takes around three and a half hours, by their Scotland Yard police protection officers. William, 30, then joined his grandfather and other relatives for a morning’s hunting while Kate, who is in the early stages of pregnancy, opted to remain at the house with the Queen as it was pouring with rain. The monarch has herself only just got over a heavy cold. But they did join their menfolk for a slap-up lunch at Wood Farm, a small lodge on the 20,000 acre estate, for a hearty lunch, chauffeur driven in a fleet of Land Rovers.

The meal was laid out in a conservatory area to the rear of the house and included cold meats, soup and flasks of steaming hot toddy, although clearly the Duchess stuck to soft drinks.

It is believed that Kate may have re-joined the shooting party after lunch, however, watching from the warmth of one of the cars.

Other members of the Royal Family present included the Earl and Countess of Wessex, the Duke of York and his daughters, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, and Prince Charles. Charles’s wife, the Duchess of Cornwall, who has two children and five young grand-children of her own, is believed to have left to spend time with them at her own home in Wiltshire.

Sources have told the Mail that William and Kate stayed at the royal residence overnight after the shoot and are likely to remain on the estate for at least another day before they are expected to fly to Scotland for the New Year. They tend to celebrate Hogmanay at Birkhall, Prince Charles’s private estate in the Highlands.

The couple’s surprise decision to skip the royals’ annual get-together in Norfolk in favour of a family Christmas at the Middleton’s new £4.85 million mansion in Berkshire was a distinct break with tradition. Royal aides said the couple had the full backing of both the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh and suggested that the decision had been taken in order to give Kate, who was hospitalised for three nights earlier this month with severe pregnancy-related vomiting and dehydration, the opportunity for a quiet family break.

They also asked members of the media to respect their privacy and not use any photographs taken of them, even when they attended a public service on Christmas Day at the Middleton’s village church. But the Mail now understands that the couple had always planned to spend the festive season with Michael and Carole Middleton at their new home, a Georgian manor set in extensive grounds. This suggests that the Cambridges may join other modern couples in spending alternate Christmases with their families in future – one of a series of changes the young Windsors are likely to ring in.

Next month St James’s Palace is to announce whether William plans to stay in the RAF, for whom he works as a Search and Rescue Pilot, after his tour of duty ends in September or leave to become a full-time working royal.

They are also due to reveal when the Cambridge’s new son or daughter, who will become third in line to the throne, is due. Assuming the child was conceived after their return from the South Pacific at the end of September, the child is likely to be born in early summer, a busy time for the couple who will be overseeing the final renovations to Apartment 1A, their new royal residence in Kensington Palace.

[From The Mail]

If this plan was put forth a week ago with the explanation – “Kate is still feeling kind of queasy, she wants to spend time with her parents and Will wants to look after her, and then they’ll see the Queen for Boxing Day and maybe Scotland later if Kate is feeling up to it” – I don’t think many of us would have had a huge problem with that. But because Will and Kate’s press office botched this (as they’ve been botching so much lately), it seems like Kate is just “playing sick” to get out of certain events and Will is joining her because he feels he can get away with it, and then they quickly change their lazy plans when there’s a backlash and suddenly Kate isn’t too sick to go to Scotland after all. Just my take.

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It will be a fake tan orange Christmas!

Just when you think that Christmas is somewhat sacred and could possibly be Jersey Shore free, I am here to break it to you that it won’t be because now you can get three ornaments of the MTV stars to hang on your Christmas tree. That’s right you can decorate your holiday pine tree with a plasticer Snooki, The Situation and Pauly D, if for some sick reason you want to do so? I don’t know what Kurt Adler was thinking when they came up with this idea for tree decorations and I hope Santa leaves some coal in their stocking because of it. I mean you have to feel for poor Saint Nick for having to look at the three of them hanging from so many trees.
Now having said that, I would totally get them if the strings that are used to hang them were around their necks and not on the top of their heads. I bet you Kurt Adler would sell a lot more of them if they did…
Oh wait I thought of another great reason to get them, you can smush them! That is what they mean when they say smush, right?


Seriously? OMG! WTF?

Syfy Bigfoots a Barry Williams and Danny Bonaduce reunion!

In January we got to see ’80s teen pop rivals Tiffany and Debbie Gibson battle it out in Mega Python vs Gatroid on Syfy and now we are going to see two ’70s teen heartthrob rivals working together. Barry Williams aka Greg Brady and Danny Bonaduce aka Danny Partridge are going to get together to find the infamous Bigfoot in the Syfy original movie according to TV Guide. I never in my wildest dreams ever thought I would see a Brady and Partridge work together, and now a twisted dream of mine is coming true.
If that is not enough, Shannen Doherty will be playing Gretl in November. Seems like she is too old for the role? Well the movie centers around her brother Hansl getting revenge on the witch who killed his sister. But what he doesn’t know is she still alive. What does that mean?
They are also working on Snowmageddon for December, St Patrick’s Day Leprechaun for next March and Jersey Shore Shark Attack. Snooki is not in the movie because if she were and the shark attempted to eat her, it would choke to death.
Syfy isn’t only scaring up the above movies, Haven will join Warehouse 13 and Eureka with an all-new holiday episode for Christmas. If they are anything like last year’s, we are going to have a Merry Christmas. On that note it will be Christmas in July when all three shows come back for their new seasons.

Rihanna: Barbados Bikini Beauty

Enjoying another day of beachgoing bliss, Rihanna was busy living the good life in her native Barbados on Monday afternoon (December 27).

Accompanied by a group of family and friends, the 22-year-old singing sensation stripped off her top layers down to a tiny two-piece on the sandy shoreline of the island locale.

During the course of the day, RiRi and the gang ended up venturing out into the Caribbean waters while cruising about on a pair of wave runners in between sunbathing sessions.

Having flown into town late last week, Rihanna celebrated Christmas with her loved ones while also imbibing on a day of shopping in Georgetown on Christmas Eve.

Kim Kardashian: Sheer Sexy in Beverly Hills

Looking absolutely stunning, Kim Kardashian got mobbed by a pack of fans as she headed out shopping in Beverly Hills on Sunday night (December 26).

Joined by a few gal pals, the E! reality star went shoe shopping at CHANEL, Yves Saint Laurent, Barneys New York and Saks Fifth Avenue while clad in a sheer top and black leather pants.

Having a marvelous holiday, Kim tweeted of the Christmas happenings, “Such a relaxing day with the family! We are all so blessed! I just love christmas and am so sad its gone! I hope u all had an amazing day!”

Continuing to voice her glee, the brunette beauty later added, “Best Christmas gift ever! Mason said KIM! Kourtney told me,I didn’t believe her then he said it to me! I almost cried! Mama, dada & KIM! LOL”

84-Year-Old Hugh Hefner Engaged To 23-Year-Old Playboy Playmate


Playboy founder Hugh Hefner is engaged to girlfriend Crystal Harris after a Christmas proposal. Hefner Tweeted today: “When I gave Crystal the ring, she burst into tears. This is the happiest Christmas weekend in memory…I got what I was hoping for for Christmas…Crystal’s love.”

To clear up any doubts, Hef later added: “Yes, the ring I gave Crystal is an engagement ring. I didn’t mean to make a mystery out of it. A very merry Christmas to all.”

It will be the Girls Next Door star’s third marriage. He married his first wife Mildred in 1949, with whom he had two children. That marriage lasted for ten years. In 1989 he wed Playmate of the Year Kimberly Conrad and they had two sons. They divorced last year but had previously separated.

Congrats to the happy couple!

The purrfect Christmas gift!!!

via Scott Baio’s Twitter
Trying to give that special person a gift that they will really make them purr? Then why don’t you re-gift their cat for them and they will love you forever. Don’t know how to wrap a kitty, then watch this instructional video on how to do so!
I am off to do that to my cat!!! All I want for Christmas is the hospital I go to afterwards to have plenty of my blood type readily available for the transfusion I will need…

Pamela Anderson Brings The Morning Links!

Pamela Anderson Brings The Morning Links!

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Stacy Keibler Brings The Morning Links!

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– I’

Christmas comes to Eureka and Warehouse 13 tonight!!!

Even the busy scientists of Eureka make time to celebrate Christmas tonight on Syfy at 9p. When a snow storm traps everyone in Eureka, Jack tells the children of the town another time everyone was trapped there for a completely different reason. Let’s just say the biggest day of the year almost became their smallest…as in they all almost became the size of the Ken and Barbie dolls that normal kids want to unwrap on December 25th. Will they be able to figure out why they are shrinking before the once tiny dolls become lifesize or will they remain small forever?
Besides looking back at the past they have to figure out who is currently their Secret Santa who is picking out the perfect girt for everyone. Let’s just say the answer is surprising, but what isn’t a surprise is how good the Yule Tide episode is!

Then at 10p on Syfy it is Christmas time and even the staff of Warehouse 13 gets to celebrate it. Well that is until a workaholic father is being terrorized by Santa. When the team hears what is happening to him, Pete and Myka are called in to investigate if it is Chris Kringle or an artifact. They better figure it out fast before the father becomes a ghost of Christmas Past.
Meanwhile back at Warehouse 13 Claudia wants to make the first holiday she isn’t spending alone special, so she does something wonderful for Artie…she gets his father, played by Judd Hirsch, to come and visit his son. If ever there was perfect casting of a non-father and son to actually play the roles, it is these two.
So tune in to Syfy tonight at 10p because even the Sci-Fi/Horror world can celebrate Christmas merrily!

Jessica and Ashlee Simpson’s Christmas present for us!

It isn’t even Black Friday, but we are getting one of our best Christmas presents of the season now. People Magazine posted this 1990 Christmas family photo of The Simpsons. Not the animated one that airs on Fox but Jessica and her little sister Ashlee with their parents Joe and Tina. The 10 year old Jessica looks the same now as she did then. While her 6 year old sister looks completely different. The one thing they do have in common is they look just like their mom in different ways!