Sorry, Sex And The City Fans! Chris Noth Doesn’t Want To Play Mr. Big Anymore!

Victory for Aidan fans!

Last week, Chris Noth — aka Mr. Big from Sex And The City — attended the Manhunt: Unabomber premiere in New York where he made it clear he does NOT want to play Carrie Bradshaw’s primary love interest anymore!

He told US Weekly:

“I feel like we told that story… I don’t think there’s anything left for me to say about that. I want to tell other stories.”

The 62-year-old starred opposite Sarah Jessica Parker in the hit show from 1998–2004, in addition to appearing in two movies.

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While The Good Wife alum appreciates his fan base, he doesn’t truly understand his character’s appeal!

“I accept it. I may not understand it but I accept it. I think they just love the fashion… The thing that I don’t understand is the idea of Mr. Big because – he wasn’t the guy that got away. They were always dance partners. Sometimes they went away for a little while and she had a bunch of other guys and he got married.”

As we reported, OG book author Candace Bushnell said she doesn’t think Carrie would have ended up with the businessman IRL!

“Well, I think, in real life, Carrie and Big wouldn’t have ended up together. But at that point the TV show had become so big. Viewers got so invested in the storyline of Carrie and Big that it became a bit like Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett.”

While Chris is totally DUNZO with the franchise, what about the other SATC men? To find out where they are now…

CLICK HERE to view “The Men Of Sex And The City: Where Are They Now?”

CLICK HERE to view “The Men Of Sex And The City: Where Are They Now?”

CLICK HERE to view “The Men Of Sex And The City: Where Are They Now?”

CLICK HERE to view “The Men Of Sex And The City: Where Are They Now?”

CLICK HERE to view “The Men Of Sex And The City: Where Are They Now?”

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Michael J. Fox Doesn’t Want Taylor Swift Dating His Son

I love this so much. It was only a matter of time before the Taylor Swift backlash began.

Oh, she’ll continue to sell millions and tween girls and the country music crowd will still love her…but I think the ‘America’s Sweetheart’ shine is finally wearing off.

You know it’s getting bad when Michael J. Fox disses you in a public forum…like this from Vulture. Basically he’s saying…’stay away from my son you crazy biatch’. 

Vulture: Would [you] approve of a Sam/Taylor (Saylor) love connection?

MJF: No. No … Just back off. I don’t keep up with it all. But Taylor Swift writes songs about everybody she goes out with, right?

Vulture: Right!

MJF: What a way to build a career.

Vulture: So if Swift showed up to a Fox family dinner (possibly wearing her fox sweater), how would [you] react?

MJF: I wouldn’t even know who she was.

Vulture: But it’d probably dawn on [you] after the breakup song hit the radio.

MJF: Yeah, exactly. ‘Sam, You Piece of Shit.’ Oh … that was the girl you brought home!

Christina Aguilera Doesn’t Like to Wear Underwear

I have some disturbing news. revealed to Chelsea Handler last night that she doesn’t like to wear underwear. “I like to be as free as possible at all times. It’s just who I am.” Oh, I know. I feel a little queasy too.

Five years ago this would have been really hot. The day after this interview, photogs would have been sliding on the ground like penguins trying to get an upskirt shot of her. These days they’re more likely to stand a few feet away just in case they trip and end up falling underneath her dress. The blood curdling screams would be deafening.

The Blemish

Maria Shriver: Thanks For The Offers, but No Thanks

Filed under: Maria Shriver, Oprah Winfrey

Sources connected with various broadcast and cable networks tell TMZ … Maria Shriver has been deluged with offers to go back on the air, but she’s turning them all down flat … at least for now.

Maria has been getting offers to host talk shows, anchor news magazine shows and join news organizations, but she made it clear she does not want a time-consuming job that will take her away from her responsibilities as a mom.

Mackenzie Astin is Just Married!!!

Mackenzie Astin Tweeted that he answered the Call of the Wild, “This is what happens when you fall in love and stick the landing….11 April 11 – Ellicott City, Maryland”. His wife Jennifer Bautz also Tweeted a little more information, “is married to @MackenzieAstin as of 11:00am today.” So in other words they were married 4/11/11 at 11, that has to be really lucky for two the of them!
No word if The Facts of Life’s stars parents Patty Duke and John Astin, and his brother Sean Astin were there, but the one thing we know is they make a beautiful couple!
Now back to the couple, I hope their marriage doesn’t go to the Garbage Pail Kids and they live happily ever after!
BTW Mackenzie Astin doesn’t have time for a honeymoon just yet because he is starring in Caught here in LA until May 15th! I think I am going to have to catch it!!!

Is Alyssa Milano’s Charmed one a boy or a girl?

(photo from WireImage)
Alyssa Milano has pretty much become one of the Queens of Twitter and she doesn’t really hide anything about her personal life because of it. So it would make sense that she would break the news of what sex her baby is via the social networking site. So what is going to have? In a few months her husband, David Bugliari and her are going to welcome a bouncing baby boy.
Besides announcing the baby’s sex, she is outreaching to the people that Follow her to help her name for her future son. Here is my pick…Tony! He’s will always be her Boss, so why doesn’t she name her baby after him? Either that or Twitter?

Justin Bieber is good at playing bad on CSI

Justin Bieber returns to CSI tonight at 9p on CBS reprising the role he guest starred as in the season premiere. He is one of the biggest singers in the world right now and let me tell you he doesn’t bomb in this episode. I mean his acting doesn’t blow, but his character…well just watch to see in this very explosive episode.
Bieber is a big part, but not the only part of the show that will have you at the edge of your seat. Langston comes face to face with Serial Killer Nate Haskell again, but this time instead of being behind bars it is an open courtroom. How will he handle seeing the man the man who stabbed him again?
Make sure to watch this episode all the way until end because something will happen in the final seconds that will definitely become a big part of at least one more future episode.
Oh and did I mention that Bieber was really impressive in the role, and yes it is documented I actually I said that.

Angel McCord Brings The Morning Links!

Angel McCord Brings The Morning Links!

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December has not been a good month to Hugh Jackman!

via Dlisted
On December 14th Hugh Jackman literally hit the wall and cut up his eye while doing a stunt for Oprah Winfrey. And less than two weeks later he suffered another painful and embarrassing injury, when Shane Warne accidentally threw a ball that bounced on the ground and then hit him the X-Men. Poor Hugh his body doesn’t deserve the abuse. Hopefully he can survive one more week without having any more of his body parts. You know because so far December got his face and his head, let’s hope it doesn’t do anything to his fine tush!!!

Reese Witherspoon Premieres "How Do You Know?" in LA

Getting ever so close to her latest project’s release date, Reese Witherspoon dazzled as she arrived at the premiere of Columbia Pictures’ “How Do You Know?” in Los Angeles, California on Monday evening (December 13).

Taking place at the Regency Village Theatre, the blonde beauty was joined on the jam-packed red carpet by co-stars including Jack Nicholson, Owen Wilson and Paul Rudd.

Due in theaters December 17th, the James L. Brooks directed movie’s synopsis via IMDB reads: “Feeling a bit past her prime at 27, former athlete Lisa Jorgenson finds herself in the middle of a love triangle, as a corporate guy in crisis competes with Lisa’s current, baseball-playing beau.”

In related news, Reese recently chatted with USA Today while promoting her upcoming flick – during which time she said that she doesn’t get women out there who don’t ever talk about their relationships.

She dished, “I’m literally the girl who talks constantly about relationships. I hang up with one friend, and I pick up the phone and call another one. It’s an ongoing dialogue all day long. I don’t understand a woman who doesn’t talk about love and relationships.”

With the 34-year-old currently dating agent Jim Toth, Witherspoon added, “You gotta be glad that you went through them, and you gotta be glad that you learned from them. You gotta learn what you want.”