BREAKING! Rachel Bilson Follows BF Hayden Christensen Down L.A. Curb!

Rachel Bilson & Hayden ChristensenPhoto Credit: Pacific Coast News

Rachel Bilson & her longtime partner Hayden Christensen grabbed lunch together in Los Feliz yesterday afternoon. The duo, who are notorious for dabbling in one too sessions of makeup sex over the years following their countless temporary breakups, were dressed casually and arrived in what appears to be Rachel’s Audi A3. For those of you who missed the earlier post, Hayden drives an Audi R8.

Judging by how their respective careers are rolling along, they both need to dump each other once & for all and pave a new path in Hollywood by sleeping with highly networked people in the industry. Whatever they’re doing right now is simply not cutting it. Hayden has no movies in the works, while Rachel makes one shitter after another.


Taylor Swift Shoots Down Lautner Reunion Rumors

Rumors are constantly swirling when you’re in the spotlight like she happens to be, but Taylor Swift cleared up the most recent fabricated story earlier today (August 23) on “On Air With Ryan Seacrest.”

Buzz about the “You Belong With Me” singer and her ex-beau Taylor Lautner rekindling their romance at the Teen Choice Awards hit the gossip mill shortly after the event, and here’s what Swift had to say about it.

“Didn’t hear that one! We’re incredibly close friends but that’s not something that’s newsworthy so people write other stuff. We’re just really good friends!” she said after Ryan asked if the rumor was true.

One thing that Taylor did hint at is that she and Bruno Mars may be collaborating for an upcoming music project – with audio from the chat available below.

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