Channing Tatum May Be Dropping Out of ‘Gambit’

What what what! Channing Tatum has allegedly backed out of the X-Men spinoff movie, Gambit. That’s right, Marvel loses a beefcake and DC gains one (Chris Pine). This is the closest I’ve followed superheroes in my life.

Tatum already had some screen tests with various female leads including Lea Seydoux and was seemingly very involved in the movie’s production. Maybe he just wasn’t meshing with the ladies and decided to call it quits. HAHAHAHAHA RIGHT. JUST KIDDING.

What would possibly be a bigger blow to the film, Tatum and his creative partner Reid Carolin, were set to produce the Josh Zetumer screenplay. Rupert Wyatt of Rise of the Planet of the Apes was only recently signed on as director. Whether Tatum will stick around to raise his movie baby if he walks out on starring, probably just to go get a pack of cigarettes before disappearing for an undetermined amount of time, remains uncertain.

At current, we-don’t-know-if-Tatum-is-deadbeating status, Gambit will be released October 7, 2016, following other X-Men spinoffs slated release for 2016: Deadpool and X-Men: Apocalypse.


The Blemish

Lindsay Gets A Bag Of Love Notes And A Visit From Her Ex-Lover

denim sunglasses Dina Lohan lindsay lohan jail prison Samantha Ronson  jacket dj denim sunglasses

Yesterday Dina Lohan visited Lindsay at the Lynwood Correctional Facility, and not only did she arrive with a huge smile on her face, but she also had a bag of fan mail for her daughter!

Samantha was snapped visiting Lindsay a little bit later, and we also caught Shawn Chapman Holley dropping by to chat with her client. Everyone seemed to be in a great mood, so is it possible Linds is getting out sooner than we thought?
She'll be out soon enough!

SJP Buys Another House!

This will make house #3 for the Parker-Broderick clan near the Long Island shoreline.
Perhaps its time to look to other places for real estate.
Sources say that Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick quietly bought another home on Long Island’s East End, dropping $5.8 million on the humble abode.
The couple is reportedly bringing the whole brood […]

Bradley Cooper: Back at LAX

He was spotted dropping his parents off at LAX International Airport earlier this week, and today (December 30) Bradley Cooper was back to catch a flight of his own.

The “Hangover” hunk looked to be in good spirits as he arrived with his dog/travel companion Charlotte, a Chow/Retriever mix.

Cooper was careful to take the proper precautions before loading his pooch pal into its dog kennel prior to luggage check-in.

Bradley rescued Charlotte from a dog pound just weeks before she was scheduled to be put to sleep, showing what a genuine dog lover he is.