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Find Out How Rihanna’s Relationship Is Going With Her Soccer Stud Boy Toy!

She found love in a hopeless place!

Rihanna‘s summer lovin’ with Karim Benzema is sizzling! An insider revealed to E! News that the couple is going slow and steady, and those are always the ones who win the race, right?

Romance rumors started swirling when RiRi was spotted grabbing an early morning bite with the Real Madrid soccer star at the beginning of last month.

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Now, the source says the two are just loving all the time they’re spending together, and aren’t looking to rush their relationship!


And get this! The pop superstar also loves how understanding Karim is about her crazy schedule! Isn’t that amazing?

We’re so glad these two are so happy together!

[Image via ATP/WENN.]


Stephen Colbert Releases New ‘Late Show’ Promo Video Promising the World It’s Going to Be Freaking Fantastic

After months of celebrity cavemanning, everyone’s favorite retired comedy-news reporter smacks us with a new promo for The Late Show that reassures any doubts he couldn’t make the full comedy transition. (I said retired okay? You can still like John Oliver the most. Man, Jon Stewart, short end of the stick.)

The video, titled “The Colbeard”, centers around Colbert’s adoption of a face rug during his live-TV hiatus. “Good news, I still exist”, he reassures us as he eats a hot dog with cheap, disposable utensils and flatware. The video lacks the normal live audience laughter which leaves a slightly jarring feeling throughout, but doesn’t deter it from being funny. It just leaves an awkward pause for you to laugh at home. A quick blowing air forcefully out your nose will not cut it, you’re going to have to elicit a literal lol.

Colbert talks of using The Late Show to redefine his look:

“CBS is making me shave it off because Tom Selleck’s mustache has a non-complete clause.”

“What would I look like with a mustache, say, or a Van Dyke, or whatever Chuck Todd calls that think that’s crawling around his mouth?”

Transitioning his beard on camera from the “un-Hitler” to a fine Amish creepy-no-mustache-beard to a one-sided wolverine sideburn, he attempts to grasp onto what Millennials love before settling on the clean, classically shaved Colbert, all while letting his shaven whiskers clumpily fall onto his half-eaten hot dog. Frankly, I think we’re all upset he missed the Van Buren.

With a nice reminiscing montage of his time with his bff beardy set to Green Day’s, “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)”, but with the public domain lyrics of “Camptown Races” sung by Stephen Colbert, he comments that’s the hardest he’s worked in months, but he’s ready to get back to the ol’ grind. That is, until he “finds out” the show doesn’t start till September. With that, he wipes back on his beard and heads out with the promise that, that same old Colbert charm will be gracing us in three short months. Here’s to hoping for more Colbert snippets through the next 90-ish days; it’s been too long, old friend.

The Blemish

Chuck Star Zachary Levi Is Joining NBC’s Heroes Reborn! He’s Going From Spy To Hero!!

NBC‘s show Heroes was one of those rare TV shows that was really really super good. For a while at least…

Anyway, like all good things — it eventually had to end.

But that doesn’t mean good things can’t come back again!!

NBC is bringing the show back as a 13-episode miniseries called Heroes Reborn.

The show’s original creator Tim Kring is on board, but there is a new face joining the show…

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Zachary Levi from Chuck!

If you haven’t seen it, Chuck is about Levi playing a man who is basically forced into becoming a secret agent. So it hopefully won’t be much of a stretch for Levi to play a HERO!

That’s all the info that’s been released so far since everything else is under wraps.

We can’t wait until Heroes comes back!!

What do U think of them casting Zachary Levi?? Let us know in the comments!


Literally I Can’t Even OMG I’m Going to Die

I hate to break it to you but Play-N-Skillz’s single “Literally I Can’t” featuring Lil Jon, Redfoo and Enertia McFly is a real song and not a parody. The single seems to be in the same vein as Botnek’s remix of “Selfie” by the Chainsmokers (and even has a similar beat? slightly?). Except, this is nowhere near as good.

Literally, I can’t. Even. I think I’m going to kill myself.

The Blemish

Hannah Montana is going to be an aunt to London Tipton’s kid!

Miley’s Cyrus older brother Trace is going to be a dad and he is keeping it in the Disney family. Brenda Song aka London Tipton from The Suite Life with Zach and Cody and him are expecting their first child together according to Celebuzz. The couple have been dating for a few months and made their first pubic appearance in May.
No other details are known like how far along she is or how Aunt Miley feels about it.

Seriously? OMG! WTF?