Lauren Graham Covers Good Housekeeping’s January 2017 Issue

Actress and best-selling author Lauren Graham covers the January issue of Good Housekeeping magazine.

In the issue, the Gilmore Girls star opens up on playing the role of unconventional single mom, her relationship with former Parenthood co-star Peter Krause, her inspiration to writing her now best-selling novel, and more.

In the accompanying photo spread, the 49-year-old struck fashionable poses for photographer Brian Bowen Smith while decked out in dresses by Kate Spade and Milly, heels from SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker, and jewelry from Henri Bendel, Effy and Shashi.

Check out the highlights from Miss Graham’s interview below, then be sure to grab a copy of Good Housekeeping when the issue hits newsstands on December 13th!

On playing two similarly unconventional single moms of teens in Gilmore Girls and Parenthood:
“There are things that I’m good at and there are things that are just not for me. I’m not gonna play a cop, I’m not gonna play a doctor…and that’s OK. I’d rather be in [roles] that are really verbal and smart and funny. As Diane Keaton said to me, ‘Funny doesn’t age.’”

On which character she relates to more – Gilmore Girls’ Lorelai Gilmore or Parenthood’s Sarah Braverman:
“I relate more to Lorelai Gilmore, probably. I mean, I speak quickly more in attitude and just in athleticism of what that work is and was for me, as an actor, that’s a place I feel really comfortable and exhilarated, so, in that way I guess I relate a little more to that world and that language.”

On her relationship with long-time love, former Parenthood co-star Peter Krause:
“We couldn’t stop talking. Not about ourselves, but about the world and books and family. Once we got together, there was no game play. It was like, You like me, and I like you. It gave me an understanding of life: This is how things happen, and it’s completely random.”

On her surprising hidden talent:
“I really like to entertain. None of my characters ever cook, so I would think it’s surprising that I actually really like to.”

On her inspiration to become an author:
“One day in my trailer in Parenthood I looked up and I had the afternoon, and it just kind of occurred as a way to be creative and but not have to be part of any other structure. It was kind of a revelation that I could just do something on my own and the fact that it has now given me other work is like icing. I just did it for fun.”

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Miami’s Case Against Justin Bieber Isn’t Looking Good


Sorry, people who signed the petition to deport Justin Bieber. Things aren’t looking good right now. Evidence has been slowly dribbling in that Justin Bieber may not have done all those things Miami police claimed he’d done.

That includes drag racing (turns out he was cruising near the speed limit as proven by an onboard GPS and a video), that his friends blocked off the road so he could race and that he blew a .14 (he actually blew a .014).

Now there’s also news that his friend in the red Ferrari cruising alongside him, Khalil, blew a big fat 0.

The only point of contention left is that they failed the field sobriety tests (which are designed for failure) which could mean they were on the drugs. Oh and the fact that Justin blew a .014, since, you know, this twink is 19 and the legal drinking age in the US  is 21.

I’d say we should punish him by making him listen to his own music, but I suspect he’d just bob his head to it and giggle, “Yea, that’s tight.”

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Isla Fisher Says “Good Morning America”

She’s been busy promoting her new flick “The Great Gatsby,” and Isla Fisher showed up at ABC Studios in New York City this morning.

The “Confessions of a Shopaholic” hottie was all smiles as she headed inside for her interview on “Good Morning America,” sporting a vibrant pink top with a pretty white skirt.

And though she’s a big movie star in her own right, Isla confessed that she usually ends up with the dresses that other stars reject.

“I have a stylist [Rachel Zoe] who styles Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway and whoever else. So they get all the dresses first, and then whatever they refuse – there are few, since they hang on to all the dresses until the very end – the couple left to choose that no one wants, I get that rack. Way down on the food chain is me, so I pick on those crumbs and usually it is the first dress that I try on that wins because I’m always in a rush. I’m happy to wear anything.”

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“Kathryn Bigelow’s ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ looks really, really good” links

First full-length trailer for Kathryn Bigelow’s Zero Dark Thirty (the Bin Laden movie). It looks… ah… I got chills. [Pajiba]
Blake Lively, Penny Lively-Reynolds, and The Ring. [LaineyGossip]
Paul Ryan with Joe Biden’s hair = horror movie villain. [Gawker]
Ethan Hawke & Katie Holmes are neighbors! [Pop Sugar]
Dear Stacy Keibler: WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! [Go Fug Yourself]
Celebs reacted to the Paul Ryan-Joe Biden debate. [A Socialite Life]
Miranda Kerr in a busted blonde wig (with extra bangs) = awful. [Yeeeah]
Justin Bieber did an anti-bullying PSA. [Evil Beet]
Kourtney Kardashian’s butt crack. [Celebslam]
Madonna’s wax figure looks like a Naomi Watts-Britney hybrid. Right? [ICYDK]
Nelly travels with heroin, weed and a gun. For real. [The Blemish]
Kirstie Alley has nightmares about getting fat again. Cough. [Amy Grindhouse]
Matt Damon talks about his grey hair, and I swear to God, my biscuit went, “PLEASE can I have him right now, roughly against the table?” [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
Stacey Dash has found the elixir of youth. Bitch is 46! [Moe Jackson]
Salma Hayek is trying out the worst bangs ever. [Popoholic]
Conan O’Brien took his daughter to Ireland! Aw. [Starcasm]
The new trailer for Django Unchained! [IDLYITW]
Audio of the Cracken’s call to TMZ. [Dlisted]


Brickleberry is the wrongest animated show you’ll ever see and that is a good thing!

Daniel Tosh is pretty animated on Tosh.0, so it makes sense his next project on the network would be an animated one. Tonight at 10:30p Brickleberry debuts on Comedy Central and this show does things that no cartoon has ever done before. I thought that Drawn together pushed the envelope, but it ain’t got nothing on this one. I mean the show starts off with animals f*cking in all different type of positions and just continues to go there from that point on.
So what is this show about besides doing things that no cartoon thought it could do. Brickleberry National Forrest is run by the most dysfunctional rangers in the world. If they don’t straighten up their acts, they will all be looking for new jobs. So they bring in one of the best rangers from Yellowstone Park and the Ranger of the Month for like ever is afraid she will steal his title away from him. So he does whatever he can to stop here and there will be blood, lots and lots of blood. Did I mention that they actually talk about periods on the show. Yeah it goes there. I seriously can’t even describe how wrong this show is, but I will tell you it is freaking funny as all heck.
Plus there is a talking bear, and that has to make you want to watch it. Unless I tell you he is raped by a redneck and that might make you change your mind. If it does, then I am lying. But I am not lying when I tell you, I really love this show.


Seriously? OMG! WTF?

Will Ferrell on "The Office": More New Footage!

His much-awaited debut is quickly approaching, and now Will Ferrell can be seen in a brand new clip from his upcoming guest stint on “The Office”.

With his four episode arc beginning on April 14th, the “Old School” funnyman can be seen introducing his DeAngelo Vickers character to the Dunder Mifflin staff.

Ferrell recently spoke about his role with the New York Times, telling, “[The show’s producers] Paul [Lieberstein] and Greg [Daniels] came to sit down with me and I just said, ‘I love the show’s writing so much that I just trust you guys – why don’t you just take a stab at whatever you feel is a good fit?’ From that first episode that I’m in, they created, in the style of The Office, this eccentric, bizarre character.”

Also talking about DeAngelo’s relationship with Steve Carell’s Michael Scott, Will said, “Me and Michael Scott, we hit it off immediately. We’re birds of the same feather. And then, in a very Michael Scott way, he slowly starts to resent me because everyone’s just kissing up to me. Slowly, you see in my character that maybe I’m not as good as Michael Scott and am pretty much a weirdo. Everyone’s looking at each other going, ‘Oh no, we had it so good! We didn’t even know it. We knew we had a friend in Michael Scott but we didn’t realize, in his backwards way, what a good manager he was’.”

Adding to the buildup, a second just-released clip sees Mindy Kaling’s Kelly Kapoor character trying to create a “meet cute” moment with the new boss by doing what she does best… flirt.

I have A Real Good Feeling about David Hasselhoff’s new video!

David Hasselhoff has a new album out, so that means we are getting a music video from the first single released from the CD! As soon as I saw the title of the song is “It’s a Real Good Feeling”, I had a real good feeling it was going to live up to its name…and it did. I can tell you about it, but why take away from you enjoying yet another classic David Hasselhoff video. So sit back and enjoy it as much as I did.
I wish I could say I hate it and I wish I could make fun of it, but it really did leave me in a good mood. What does that mean? Do you think there is a brainwashing effect in it?

Good Charlotte play a good game of Family Double Dare!

Good Charlotte debuted their new music video for Last Night on Funny or Die and it will bring many of us back to the happy times in out childhood. Just like what Weezer did with Happy Days, the band has done by recreating their favorite (and ours) game show Family Double Dare! I guess when you are living the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, you can live out your childhood fantasies!
The band wanted to recreate the original feel so much so that they borrowed cameras from a Korean TV station to get that ’90s look. Getting that look was easier than trying to get Marc Summers to recreate his role as the host of the show. But the band worked their magic and got him aboard. Here is what the game show said about it, “”Having never done anything quite like this, I was a bit nervous and out of my element,’