Pippa Middleton wore a lacy, high-necked Giles Deacon wedding gown

The wedding of Pippa Middleton and James Matthews

From the looks of it, Pippa Middleton’s wedding went off without a hitch. Good for her! I mean that. It must feel so cathartic to have all of those months of planning come to fruition and no one was a runaway bride or a runaway groom and no massive tantrums were thrown. Pippa looked pleased during all of her on-camera moments, from her ride up to the church – where her father drove a vintage car, not a horse-drawn carriage – to the almost-royal kiss outside of the church. Remember, they’re in England and you’re not supposed to kiss after you say your vows. There is no “you may now kiss the bride” there. British people wait to kiss until they’re outside of the church. Some of them wait until they’re on the balcony of a palace, but alas, that was never in the cards for Pippa.

As for her wedding gown, it was Giles Deacon and it was pretty. I was surprised by the design up top, with the “heart” cutout in the back, the high neck and the exposed arms. Those were interesting choices, I thought, for a British wedding. I feel like British brides – society brides, brides getting married in small country churches – tend to cover up more, but Pippa was bringing some Michelle Obama Realness with the arm exposure. The fabric of the gown was “bespoke cotton lace” which was “hand appliquéd to create an illusion of the dress having ‘no seams’,” according to Giles Deacon. Interestingly enough, Kensington Palace was sending out press releases about Pippa’s wedding and what Pippa was wearing. Like, KP considers Pippa to be “royal” I guess.

Pippa wore a small tiara – the Maidenhair Fern tiara – designed by Robinson Pelham. She wore the same diamond Robinson Pelham earrings that she wore to Kate’s wedding in 2011. She paired her gown with custom Manolos. Let’s see what I’m missing… the veil is by Stephen Jones and small pearls were woven into the veil.

What else? Pippa invited several of her exes to the wedding, and a few of Prince William’s exes too – you can see the list here. Terribly Moderately Wealthy James Matthews looked nice, although no one was really looking at him that much. Every news show did a piece about the wedding on Saturday and I was fascinated by how they described him: “a wealthy financier” came up the most.

Pippa Wedding

Middleton Matthews wedding

Middleton Matthews wedding

Pippa Wedding

Photos courtesy of WENN.

The wedding of Pippa Middleton and James Matthews
The wedding of Pippa Middleton and James Matthews
Pippa Wedding
Pippa Wedding
Pippa Wedding
Pippa Wedding
Pippa Wedding
Middleton Matthews wedding
Middleton Matthews wedding


Sneak Peek: Kim Kardashian’s 3rd Vera Wang Wedding Gown

If you don’t believe Kim Kardashian’s wedding was all for show…think about this..have you ever been to a wedding where the bride wore three different wedding dresses?????  Of course we won’t see everything until the two part series airs this fall but….

Fans of the reality star and her basketballer beau are being kept satisfied by sneak peeks of the lavish affair, and the latest reveals another of the bride’s Vera Wang wedding gowns.

In this peek inside the reception, Kim is filmed in her third dress of the evening – a satin V-neck gown, which she wears with her hair down around her shoulders and pinned back with a diamond clasp.

KIm 3rd wedding dress 2

KIm 3rd wedding dress 1 150x150
KIm 3rd wedding dress 2 150x150
KIm 3rd wedding dress 3 150x150
KIm 3rd wedding dress 4 150x150
KIm 3rd wedding dress 5 150x150
KIm 3rd wedding dress 6 150x150

Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie: Honeymoon Bound

Fresh off of their weekend nuptials, Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie were spotted sneaking off on a private jet for their Honeymoon on Sunday (August 15).

Rushing from their car to the outbound aircraft, the cute couple tied the knot in a fancy ceremony in Montecito, California the previous evening.

Held at a $29 million estate near San Ysidro Ranch, Miss Duff donned a Vera Wang gown as she was led down the aisle by her mother, Susan Duff.

Of the ceremony, a witness told Us magazine, “It was one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever seen. Absolutely stunning. They thought of every last detail and it was an incredible sight.”

Pregnant Alicia Keys Ties The Knot

aliciamarried.jpg Alicia Keys has wed her longtime beau Swizz Beatz, her rep has confirmed.

The couple announced their engagement in late May, and they also surprised fans by revealing that the Grammy winning singer was pregnant.

Their wedding was held at a private home on the Mediterranean Sea, and Keys wore an ivory Vera Wang gown with jewel detail on the back shoulder. She carried a bouquet of purple calla lilies, and Dr. Deepak Chopra presided over the ceremony.

Lady Gaga is embarrassing

This is what Lady Gaga wore to her sister’s high school graduation in NYC on Tuesday. That must have been embarrassing for her sister. At least this craziness wasn’t unexpected. Not like the time I graduated and my gown fell off to expose my large biceps and bulging six pack. Tee-hee.
Still, this is a little …

Salma Hayek Is Red Hot In Cannes

Salma Hayek  Francois-Henri Pinault  gown tuxedo Salma Hayek looked absolutely stunning in a blood red Gucci gown on her way to an after-party on a Yacht in Cannes.

Hayek wore her second Gucci gown of the festival last night, which is no surprise, since her husband, Francois-Henri Pinault is the CEO of the luxury goods company which owns the fashion label.

We have a feeling Salma, who wore the gown to the premiere of Il Gattopardos, will be wearing a lot more Gucci in the nights to come!
Love the color on her!