IDLYITW Has Alison Brie; Tuna Showcases Bella Thorne’s Hairy Armpits; Ego: More Hailey Baldwin Bikini Pics

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Mo’Nique why are you showing your unshaven legs?

I thought with this being awards season and the attire for women being gowns down to the floor that we wouldn’t see the multi-nominated Mo’Nique’s hairy legs. And even though she was wearing a floor length gown, she still decided to lift it up and show us that she doesn’t shave her legs. All I want to know is why? I know not every culture believes that woman needs to shave her legs, but ours does so why reveal it? Largely because if her legs are that hairy, I don’t even want to imagine what is like where the two legs meet. Yeah I went there, and if I went there I am sure I am not the only one that did.