The Rock Just Showed Why He’s a Total Badass

The Rock’s taking his action hero status really seriously. He’s currently filming Central Intelligence with Kevin Hart and suffered some sort of mishap.

He Instagrammed a video where he says “I ain’t got time to bleed..” Then pans down to his finger and wow,  that thing is pointing the wrong way. The Rock nonchalantly smiles and says “Let’s pop this son of a bitch back in.” Bad. Ass.

If it was me, I’d have fainted before I finished typing this sentence. Of course, it’s hard to break your finger like the Rock did while writing. Unless you slam your hand against the keyboard too hard during masturbation breaks.

Update: Variety confirms the broken finger is fake and “it’s a prosthetic hand that’s seemingly broken.” Turns out The Rock pranked us. It also turns out The Rock is back to being a pussy.

The Blemish

Chuck Star Zachary Levi Is Joining NBC’s Heroes Reborn! He’s Going From Spy To Hero!!

NBC‘s show Heroes was one of those rare TV shows that was really really super good. For a while at least…

Anyway, like all good things — it eventually had to end.

But that doesn’t mean good things can’t come back again!!

NBC is bringing the show back as a 13-episode miniseries called Heroes Reborn.

The show’s original creator Tim Kring is on board, but there is a new face joining the show…

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Zachary Levi from Chuck!

If you haven’t seen it, Chuck is about Levi playing a man who is basically forced into becoming a secret agent. So it hopefully won’t be much of a stretch for Levi to play a HERO!

That’s all the info that’s been released so far since everything else is under wraps.

We can’t wait until Heroes comes back!!

What do U think of them casting Zachary Levi?? Let us know in the comments!


Tiger Woods Confirms He’s Dating Lindsey Vonn

Why is this so creepy? It’s the pictures right? These creepy, staged pictures.

This is just a creepy way to confirm a relationship. Very Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes-ish.

On a side note…Lindsey is one brave chick to date this relationship-hot-mess of a man.

Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn just admitted what we’ve all known for weeks — they are dating … and they’ve already posed for the kind of creepy couple photos normally reserved for people about to get married.

Tiger and Lindsey each posted the dating confession on their Twitter and Facebook pages. Tiger’s said … “Something nice that’s happened off the course was meeting Lindsey Vonn. Lindsey and I have been friends for some time, but over the last few months we have become very close and are now dating.”

Lindsey posted a very similar comment … “Our relationship evolved from a friendship into something more over these past few months and it has made me very happy.”

tiger-lindsey-1 tiger-lindsey-2 tiger-lindsey-3 tiger-lindsey-4


Because Tea Sucks

Pierce Brosnan was in Prague on Wednesday filming a Lipton Tea commercial. In between takes, he secretly sipped from a can of Pilsner Urquell beer he tried to keep hidden from the cameraman. He’s a crafty drunk, that Pierce Brosnan.
Although in his defense, what’s the point of going to work if you can’t get hammered …

Josh Kelley is Making His Own Path

Photoby Omar Acevedo/

Josh Kelley might be known around these parts as Katherine Heigl’s husband, but the 31 year old musician is definitely making a name for himself in the music industry. He’s a lot more than a beautiful celebrity’s husband. He’s got talent.

USA Today Reports:

Josh Kelley’s debut country hit, Georgia Clay, isn’t the 31-year-old’s first go-round with Nashville. Ten years ago, while studying at Ole Miss, the Augusta, Ga., native showcased his songs for record labels in Music City. It didn’t go well. “I remember being sad on the drive back,” he says, “but everything happens for a reason.” He eventually went to Los Angeles and signed with Hollywood Records. “They turned all my bluegrass songs into pop songs,” he says.
Kelley met his wife, actress Katherine Heigl, when she co-starred in his Only You music video. “It was right before she hit, after, like, nine episodes of Grey’s Anatomy,” he says. “We were enamored with each other, and everybody knew it, too.” The two married in 2007 and now spend most of their time in Utah.
Kelley currently is supporting Miranda Lambert on her The Revolution Continues tour. “On the day of the first show, Miranda comes in and gives me a big hug. She’s like, ‘I am so glad we’re doing this,’ ” he says. “I never did that with any other artist I got to play for.” In August, he’ll join Taylor Swift’s tour for 13 dates.

Mels Dilemma: Fight Charge or Protect Family

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Sources directly connected to Mel Gibson tell TMZ … he’s aware he’s going to be charged with a crime, and is agonizing over the prospect of putting his family through a public, knock-down, drag-out trial. We’re told Mel is confident he will only be…

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Jennifer Love Hewitt at Mozza Pizzeria, EXCLUSIVE!

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt

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Photo by David Aguilera/

Photo by David Aguilera/

Jennifer Love Hewitt was seen eating at Mozza Pizzeria with friends, including boyfriend Alex Beh in West Hollywood yesterday.
Recently, Jennifer opened up about her latest crush, Justin Bieber! She told the Star:
“I have Bieber fever, so I was very excited! He’

Jon Stewart’s New Daily Show Promo

Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart

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Photo by Christopher Peterson/

Comedian and satirist Jon Stewart films a wacky promo for The Daily Show with his co-star Jason Jones involving cheerleaders, construction workers, a hearse, and a moment where Jon realizes he’s about to get hit by a bus in Soho in New York City. Click through the gallery to see the hilarious photos!