Donald Trump’s daily tantrums: ‘I hate everyone in the White House!’

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I haven’t covered many political stories this week, but don’t take that to mean that Donald Trump has been quiet. If anything, I feel like the more I ignore him, the crazier he gets, and he was already batsh-t insane to begin with. I honestly feel like Donald Trump is jealous of all the attention Harvey Weinstein is getting this week. Trump is literally miserable because someone else is getting all of the “rapist/pervert” headlines. It was supposed to be All About Trump! This was the one-year anniversary of the release of the Access Hollywood tape. Instead, Weinstein is dominating headlines. What is poor Misery Guts Trump supposed to do? Whine. Endlessly whine about how much he hates everybody and everything. Vanity Fair has a not-shocking exclusive about Trump being unhinged and miserable and it actually brightened my day considerably. You can read the full piece here. Some highlights:

Bob Corker’s “adult day care” slam really hit home: It brought into the open what several people close to the president have recently told me in private: that Trump is “unstable,” “losing a step,” and “unraveling.” The conversation among some of the president’s longtime confidantes, along with the character of some of the leaks emerging from the White House has shifted. There’s a new level of concern. NBC News published a report that Trump shocked his national security team when he called for a nearly tenfold increase in the country’s nuclear arsenal during a briefing this summer. One Trump adviser confirmed to me it was after this meeting disbanded that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called Trump a “moron.”

A lunatic in crisis: Prominent Republicans “all describe a White House in crisis as advisers struggle to contain a president who seems to be increasingly unfocused and consumed by dark moods. Trump’s ire is being fueled by his stalled legislative agenda and, to a surprising degree, by his decision last month to back the losing candidate Luther Strange in the Alabama Republican primary.” “Alabama was a huge blow to his psyche,” a person close to Trump said. “He saw the cult of personality was broken.”

Baby Fists hates the world: According to two sources familiar with the conversation, Trump vented to his longtime security chief, Keith Schiller, “I hate everyone in the White House! There are a few exceptions, but I hate them!” (A White House official denies this.) Two senior Republican officials said Chief of Staff John Kelly is miserable in his job and is remaining out of a sense of duty to keep Trump from making some sort of disastrous decision.

War-gaming nuclear war: One former official even speculated that Kelly and Secretary of Defense James Mattis have discussed what they would do in the event Trump ordered a nuclear first strike. “Would they tackle him?” the person said.

Kelly is sequestering Trump: While Kelly can’t control Trump’s tweets, he is doing his best to physically sequester the president—much to Trump’s frustration. One major G.O.P. donor told me access to Trump has been cut off, and his outside calls to the White House switchboard aren’t put through to the Oval Office. Earlier this week, I reported on Kelly’s plans to prevent Trump from mingling with guests at Mar-a-Lago later this month. And, according to two sources, Keith Schiller quit last month after Kelly told Schiller he needed permission to speak to the president and wanted written reports of their conversations.

[From Vanity Fair]

I sound like a broken record, but Jesus Christ how are we not rioting in the streets? This is not normal. None of this has ever been normal. Where the f–k is Paul Ryan? Where is Mitch McConnell? They’ve sold their souls for tax cuts for the rich. They’ve sold the American people away to a baby-fisted lunatic who has to be “sequestered” so he won’t listen to war-mongering Nazis.

Additionally, in case anyone cares – if and when Trump does visit England, he won’t be meeting with the Queen. His trip has been “downgraded” and I strongly suspect that Queen Elizabeth II said something along the lines of “f–k him and the Nazi horse he rode in on.”

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Leo DiCaprio called in a favor from the White House to solve a passport snafu


Radar has a funny/interesting story about Leonardo DiCaprio and his party boat in Brazil. I guess the main part of the story is that Leo has friends in high places in the White House and he was able to pull some strings. But the part I found most interesting was the stuff about Leo’s party yacht, Topaz, which is owned by some billionaire Sheik. But Leo didn’t rent the yacht himself – one of his gambling buddies rented it so they could bro-down with all of the Brazilian girls. Too bad all of the hot girls are in Sao Paulo?

Hey Obama, it’s Leo. He may be the Wolf of Wall Street but Leonardo DiCaprio almost didn’t make it to Brazil in time for the opening of the World Cup, if not for some help from the White House. DiCaprio, 39, had plans to attend the sporting match with friends including best buds Lukas Haas, Vincent Laresca, Jonah Johnson and Milano Jonah Sanchez — but the group’s passports were delayed from the Brazilian Consulate in New York City, and at one point it looked like the party wouldn’t have them back in time to fly on Malaysian Playboy Jho Low’s private plane to Sao Paulo on June 10th.

“On Monday afternoon [June 9th] they started freaking out because their passports were still at the Consulate,” a source said. “They called several people in high places in order to get their passports back.”

And by “high places” we mean the White House. Out of pure desperation, DiCaprio’s camp called a top aide at the White House who in turn called Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff’s office, who then organized for the consulate in New York to release the passports.

“When they finally received word their passports with their Visa’s approved to enter Brazil could be collected, the consulate was closed so someone had to open it up after hours for them,” the source added.

DiCaprio arrived in Brazil in time to see the host nation take on Croatia at the Arena Corinthians in Sao Paulo, but quickly turned his attention to his favorite hobby and the real reason he was in South America — partying.

“All the guys went to the World Cup opening in Sao Paulo, but they had to leave right after it was finished because the yacht that Jho Low paid $ 1 million for the week was waiting for them in Rio,” the insider continued.

“The group was worried about security so they didn’t anchor the Yacht on the marina. There were no helicopters or private planes allowed to fly at that time so they took a bus to Rio.”

Low — a mysterious 30-something party boy — is known for being a big spending nightclub “whale” who regularly drops hundreds of thousands of dollars on bottles and tables at some of NYC’s and Las Vegas’ hottest clubs. He rented the 482-foot Topaz which is the fifth largest superyacht in the world in the hope it would attract a bevy of babes for his buddies, but our insider says the group didn’t score.

“All the fabulous people, celebrities and jetsetters went to after parties in Sao Paulo, no one went to Rio, so all these reports that Leo had 50 girls partying with him is not true, because the girls didn’t want to go to Rio,” the source added. “With all the money, good looks and fame they could only manage five mediocre looking girls at the Pasha party in Buzios, which is a town next to Rio.”

[From Radar]

Wow. So, Leo and his bros are rolling with a high roller who pays for all the private planes and yachts and such? And they’re disappointed because they could only find the basic girls in Rio? This story is sort of amazing. Lost in all of this, I suppose, is Leo’s relationship with Toni Garrn. Shh, baby. Leo’s got get his bro on with his BFFs and some homely Brazilian girls. As for the passport thing… passport issues are a bitch. I don’t really blame Leo for pulling some strings and calling in a few favors.


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Kate Winslet Rescues Richard Branson’s Mother From House Fire

Here’s another reason to love Kate Winslet. She refuses to be airbrushed and be Hollywood skinny and she’s a kick-ass strong leading lady. What could make her cooler??? She is now a full-blown HERO.

While Kate and her kids were staying at bagillionaire’s Richard Branson’s home in the Caribbean a fire broke out that destroyed the huge property. But Kate saved the freakin’ day by not only getting her children out safely but rescuing Branson’s elderly momma.

kate and richard

Winslet and her two children were among the VIP guests at the ravaged the wood and stone mansion and ran into the night air in just their pyjamas. According to Sir Richard, courageous Miss Winslet acted like a true Hollywood heroine as she swept his 90-year-old mother Eve into her arms and helped carry her to safety as the mansion crumbled around them.

Read the whole story here and some pics of how cute Richard’s son Sam is!!!!

branson home

Zac Efron loses his hair, but gains a lot of love!

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Newly single Zac Efron has new buzz cut and it is not because he is watching that girl (Vanessa Hudgens) out of hair. The actor shave his gorgeous locks off for his new role in The Lucky One where he plays a soldier who comes home after a third tour of duty in Iraq. So why is the High School Musical star getting lots of love? He offered that for everyone on the set who shaved their heads along with, he would donate money to a local charity Kingsley House. His publicist told The Times-Picayune that he donated thousands of dollars because over 30 people including two women copied his new look, but she didn’t give an exact figure.
When it comes to his new look, I think he looks great! But it is also because his big heart makes him so sexy with or without hair!!!

Report: Lindsay Lohan's Betty Ford Assault Victim Claims Lindsay "Had Been Drinking"


Betty Ford staffer Dawn Holland is speaking out about her recent altercation with rehabilitating starlet Lindsay Lohan…

The employee reveals to TMZ that on Sunday, December 12th, Lindsay and two roommates arrived home late at night after curfew – the group even tried to jump a wall to avoid being seen!

Holland claims she was called to perform a breathalyzer test on Lindsay and company, “which Lindsay refused to do. She was very angry, out of control.”

Holland then says that Lindsay pushed her and went inside the house (where she was staying) and called 911. Holland then picked up another phone inside the house to speak with 911, but Lindsay “kept yelling and cursing and screaming” in the background.

Finally, Holland claims Lindsay “tried to snatch the phone out of my arm. She grabbed my wrist and snatched it down and twisted my arm and my hand.”

Holland – who now wears a cast due to a “severe sprain” – then went to the emergency room and is currently on workers’ comp.

And had Lindsay definitely been drinking that night? “She had alcohol on her breath,” says Holland.

Furthermore, Holland insists she “did not touch” Lindsay.

The 24-year-old starlet recently moved to a different sober house – still run by Betty Ford, but a different house with a different staff – and ditched the BF security team for a private team. This incident is likely the motivating reason behind both changes.
This doesn't look good for Linds!

X17 EXCLUSIVE – Lindsay Lohan Moves From Rehab To Betty Ford-Owned Sober House


Lindsay Lohan has completed the “Priority” phase of her stay at the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, which we’re told is the first month — now the 24-year-old actress has moved to a sober house near from the main treatment facility.

While at the sober house, Lindsay is receiving “residential day treatments,” which we’re told is pretty much a full-time job.

During this phase of treatment, Lindsay is able to do her own grocery shopping and enjoy local activities under supervision. A representative from the facility tells us “it’s a buddy system and no patient is allowed to go out by themselves.”

Family members are not allowed to join patients on their excursions. Family can visit only on Sundays from 1 – 5pm … and the visits must take place at the main facility, not at the sober house.

During her appearance on The Today Show this morning, Dina Lohan described Lindsay’s stay at Betty Ford as “life-changing,” adding that Lilo is “happy, relaxed, she is just a different person.”

Since this is Lindsay’s fifth rehab stay in less than three months, let’s hope her move to a sober house gives her enough supervision to keep her in check.
Stay on track, Linds!