Actress Urges Americans to Purchase Jewelry from Conflict-free Areas

As Valentine’s Day approaches, jewelry sales are expected to skyrocket as men and women in committed relationships set out to look for that perfect piece of gift for their significant other. However, most shoppers do not realize that the seemingly harmless purchase of a bracelet or ring could be contributing to violence and warfare halfway […]

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Paris Hilton's Love of Literature

She’s been keeping a low profile since her Sin City cocaine arrest, but Paris Hilton ventured out to do some shopping on a rainy day in West Hollywood, California on Monday (October 4).

The hotel heiress browsed around at Book Soup, where she picked up a little reading material including “29 Gifts: How a Month of Giving Can Change Your Life” before heading over to an office building in Beverly Hills.

Tweeting about the literary-nurturing outing, Miss Hilton wrote, “Just bought a lot of great books at Bool Soup. I love reading. You can learn so much from a well written book.”

Also trying to help out her sister Nicky’s jewelry making endeavors, Paris wrote, “RT – Hey everyone, check out my sister’s hot new jewely. Nicky Hilton jewelry Available Now!”

Celebrities Attend the Jacob & Co. Emmy Fine Jewelry Preview

Stephanie Pratt

Stephanie Pratt

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Stephanie Pratt along with Christian Serratos, Selma Blair, Hill Harper and Nicole Scherzinger, visited the Jacob & Co. Emmy Fine Jewelry Collection Preview at the Sunset Towers. Stephanie tried on some gorgeous jewelry and showed it off for the camera. Beautiful!

Photo by David Aguilera/

Kim Kardashian Looks Like A Supermodel While Running Errands

Kim Kardashian black dress white jacket burenette necklace

Seriously, guys … who looks this good while running errands?! Kim Kardashian has always “got her face on,” as my grandmother used to say. She’s primped and pimped to the nines — hair, makeup, heels, sexy short dress, Balenciaga bag, jewelry — perfect!

So this got us wondering, just how much time do you think it takes Ms. K to get ready in the morning?
My guess? 1:45 min at least!

Fashion Jewelry – A Celebrity’s Best Friend

Cameron Diaz wearing Fashion Necklace

Fashion Jewelry is perhaps best showcased by celebrities. Some people watch the Awards shows just in order to see the fashions, jewelry and Fashion Jewelry which is modeled by the stars. Now, a true celebrity can never sport the same piece of fashion jewelry twice – fashion and costume jewelry is a onetime deal, hence its novelty. So we often find ourselves wondering about how the celebrities shop for the fashion jewelry which they wear to the awards ceremonies.

Celebrities are able to afford the fashion jewelry which they wear, but really they do not have to. Well, this is due to the fact that the jewelry designers and dealers are willing to loan the fashion jewelry to the celebrities in order to gain visible publicity for their products and companies. Companies therefore allow celebrities to choose any piece of fashion jewelry from the collection which the designer or dealer most wants to promote. Successful designers work with multiple celebrities; therefore they need to be careful that they don’t duplicate any particular item.

Of course the best deal for a company is when the celebrity turns out to be an award winner. Well this is a no-brainer; it is because the celebrity then gets the most time in the spotlight. Well, these close-up shots would show off the celebrity fashion jewelry even more.

Furthermore, the photos taken at the ceremonies and at the after parties are circulated for years, generally. Of course most designers want their designs in that kind of position – everybody wins.