Trump Administration Reverses Ban On Importing ‘Trophies’ Of Elephants Killed In Africa — & Claims Doing So Will Help Preserve The Species

Donald Trump is making Africa great again… for rich American hunters.

The president is reversing the Obama administration ban on bringing the heads of elephants killed in two African countries back into the United States.

If that’s not infuriating enough, the administration is claiming allowing imports of parts of elephants (called trophies) will actually save the species. Why? Because locals will apparently become more incentivized to conserve the animals.

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So, if elephants go extinct, we know to blame the careless people of Africa and NOT those who hunted the elephants down.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said it determined that hunting African elephants in Zimbabwe and Zambia will “enhance the survival of the species,” adding in a statement:

“Legal, well-regulated sport hunting as part of a sound management program can benefit the conservation of certain species by providing incentives to local communities to conserve the species and by putting much-needed revenue back into conservation.”

The decision, which will allow the imports of elephants slain between Jan. 21, 2016 and the end of 2018, is a reversal of a wildlife preservation policy under the Obama administration.

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The U.S. and international officials say the African elephant is a threatened species, and the Obama administration argued that allowing trophy imports would threaten the species by encouraging the poaching of them.

The Trump administration, on the idiotic hand, says killing more elephants will actually help the species’ survival — and gun rights groups can’t help but agree!

The National Rifle Association praised the elephant trophy decision, noting in a statement that hunting down the species was good for the species:

“By lifting the import ban on elephant trophies in Zimbabwe and Zambia the Trump Administration underscored, once again, the importance of sound scientific wildlife management and regulated hunting to the survival and enhancement of game species in this country and worldwide.”

Needless to say, animal rights groups were fired up over the decision. Wayne Pacelle, president of the Humane Society of the U.S., wrote in a blog post:

“Let’s be clear: elephants are on the list of threatened species; the global community has rallied to stem the ivory trade; and now, the U.S. government is giving American trophy hunters the green light to kill them.”

Pacelle argued the decision solely benefits rich American hunters while leaving Africans poor and unable to hunt for themselves, adding:

“What kind of message does it send to say to the world that poor Africans who are struggling to survive cannot kill elephants in order to use or sell their parts to make a living, but that it’s just fine for rich Americans to slay the beasts for their tusks to keep as trophies?”

Sounds in line with the rest of POTUS’s agenda.

The reversal is part of an effort by Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, who oversees the FWS, to promote hunting. So grab your rifle, Donald Trump Jr. — Christmas came early this year!


Teen Taunted With Antigay Slurs, Attacked And Killed By Bullies

This is so unbelievably tragic.

An Iowa teenager died Saturday after he was attacked by a group of bullies who taunted him with antigay slurs.

Marcellus Andrews was taken off life support Saturday night, a day after paramedics and police found him unconscious with severe head injuries.

Witnesses say they overheard the attackers call Andrews a “f-ggot” and other slurs before beating him.

His friend Nakita Wright tried to help her friend, saying:

“I tried to help him up, and then this boy ran back and kicked him in his face.”

Terrible! So vicious!

Andrews was set to compete in March Against Darkness in a few days with his drill team that was sponsored by the Union Missionary Baptist Church.

Officials are still investigating the assault. Meanwhile, no arrests have been made.

Such a terrible attack. Violence is NEVER the answer.

Our hearts go out to Marcellus’ family and friends.


Amy Smart @ ARCADE Boutique “The Autumn Party”

Amy Smart @ ARCADE Boutique "The Autumn Party"

Amy Smart will star along with Selma Blair, Giovanni Ribisi, Beau Bridges, Jason Lee, and Kevin Pollak in Columbus Circle. An heiress who’s been shut inside her apartment building for nearly two decades is brought face-to-face with her fears after one of her neighbors is killed and a detective arrives to begin the investigation. Wiki

To learn more about the story, vist the official Columbus Circle movie site.

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Sam Ronson Dog Attack — The 911 Call

Filed under: Samantha Ronson, Lindsay Lohan, Celebrity Justice, Pets, 911 Call

TMZ has obtained the 911 call made moments after Sam Ronson ‘s dog Cadillac allegedly killed a 2-year-old Maltese … in which the caller tells the operator, “A vicious bulldog killed another dog and bit its owner.” The unidentified caller also claims…

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Samantha Ronson Tweets About Dog Attack

Samantha Ronson took to her Twitter yesterday to express her condolences for the little doggie her big doggie Cadillac attacked and killed yesterday …


Animal Control told X17 it was actually Sam’s dog that was attacked and that neither animal had serious injuries but the opposite appears to be true — Sam’s large bulldog apparently killed a small Maltese in the apartment building in West Hollywood that she shares with her ex-girlfriend Lindsay Lohan.

Question: When one dog kills another, doesn’t the attacker automatically have to be put down? And why wasn’t Sam controlling her dog? Sad …

Stay tuned for more news about Sam … yes, it involves Lindsay stalking her!

Samantha Ronson's Bulldog Woes

Currently caught up in a bit of a dilemma, Samantha Ronson may soon be saying farewell to her pet Bulldog, Cadillac.

The British deejay – and former girlfriend of Lindsay Lohan – is reportedly dealing with Animal Control after her pup was accused of a “brutal dog attack that occurred near her L.A. apartment.”

According to TMZ reports, SamRo’s pooch killed a small Maltese while inflicting minor injuries on the dog’s owner.

The case is still in investigation phase, with an official report expected later today (August 30).

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Kelly Preston is pregnant

In 2009, John Travolta’s son, Jett, died. More recently, Travolta’s two dogs were killed at the Bangor International Airport when someone who wasn’t a member of his family walked them. While they were minding their own business, an airport service vehicle hit and killed them.
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