Stephen Colbert Releases New ‘Late Show’ Promo Video Promising the World It’s Going to Be Freaking Fantastic

After months of celebrity cavemanning, everyone’s favorite retired comedy-news reporter smacks us with a new promo for The Late Show that reassures any doubts he couldn’t make the full comedy transition. (I said retired okay? You can still like John Oliver the most. Man, Jon Stewart, short end of the stick.)

The video, titled “The Colbeard”, centers around Colbert’s adoption of a face rug during his live-TV hiatus. “Good news, I still exist”, he reassures us as he eats a hot dog with cheap, disposable utensils and flatware. The video lacks the normal live audience laughter which leaves a slightly jarring feeling throughout, but doesn’t deter it from being funny. It just leaves an awkward pause for you to laugh at home. A quick blowing air forcefully out your nose will not cut it, you’re going to have to elicit a literal lol.

Colbert talks of using The Late Show to redefine his look:

“CBS is making me shave it off because Tom Selleck’s mustache has a non-complete clause.”

“What would I look like with a mustache, say, or a Van Dyke, or whatever Chuck Todd calls that think that’s crawling around his mouth?”

Transitioning his beard on camera from the “un-Hitler” to a fine Amish creepy-no-mustache-beard to a one-sided wolverine sideburn, he attempts to grasp onto what Millennials love before settling on the clean, classically shaved Colbert, all while letting his shaven whiskers clumpily fall onto his half-eaten hot dog. Frankly, I think we’re all upset he missed the Van Buren.

With a nice reminiscing montage of his time with his bff beardy set to Green Day’s, “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)”, but with the public domain lyrics of “Camptown Races” sung by Stephen Colbert, he comments that’s the hardest he’s worked in months, but he’s ready to get back to the ol’ grind. That is, until he “finds out” the show doesn’t start till September. With that, he wipes back on his beard and heads out with the promise that, that same old Colbert charm will be gracing us in three short months. Here’s to hoping for more Colbert snippets through the next 90-ish days; it’s been too long, old friend.

The Blemish

Vanessa Hudgens: Home, Sweet Home

Making a late night return to the States following a long international flight, Vanessa Hudgens touched down at LAX Airport in Los Angeles on Tuesday (April 5).

Joined by her mother Gina, the “Beastly” babe looked cute in her brimmed hat and shades as she trekked through the terminal after jetting home from Paris, France.

Having been busy promoting her new movie “Sucker Punch” in Europe as of late, Hudgens recently told press that she hopes ex-beau Zac Efron gets the chance to see her latest work.

She told, “I know all his friends are going to want to see the movie so hopefully he’ll get to see it with them. It’s a movie that appeals to a wide audience because if you’re a guy, there are some awesome action sequences. If you’re a woman, it’s empowering and if you’re older, it’s a fantasy. It has something for everyone.”

I’m so up for Larry King Late!!!

Last night Larry King was on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and after watching the two of them together it reconfirms my thoughts that CNN made a huge f*cking mistake by letting him go and bringing Piers Morgan on to replace him.
Seriously how awesome was it watching the two of them interacting together like that? I love how they both played with each other whether it was Craig doing the interview or Larry. I mean the former CNN host was able to get the late night talk show host to admit stuff he never admitted.
I am not going to tell you what they said because, you know what, you really have to make the time to watch all three segments from last night’s show. It was truly a great hour of television. I wish there were more of them, but with hosts like King, Oprah and Regis retiring these moments are becoming a thing of the past…sadly. Well at least we still have Craig and he (and Jimmy Kimmel) is the hope for future television.

Paula Abdul Glows For Letterman

Paula Abdul

Paula Abdul

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Wow! Dancer, choreographer and producer Paula Abdul, wearing a dark blue strapless cocktail dress and carrying a matching purse on a bitter cold day, arrived at The Late Show with David Letterman at the Ed Sullivan Theater to promote her show “Live To Dance” and looked more amazing than we’ve seen her look in years!

Craig Ferguson confronts his French rip off artist

Last week Craig Ferguson showed video of Arthur, a late night host in France, who not only copied the Late Late Show host’s bit with the puppets but also his opening almost frame for frame. Well yesterday he had Arthur on his show and confronted him. In the opening he asks him why he is copying him, then he invites him on to do e-mails and then at the end you get to see what Arthur learned from the show.
You really have to respect the sh!t out of Craig for being the bigger man about it all because there is no way in heck I would be so understanding.
Tune in to The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson tonight on CBS at 12:37a to see what Arthur will rip off from him next…

The Doctors’ Lisa Masterson leaves Craig Ferguson speechless!

Craig Ferguson is the Late King of innuendos, but even he couldn’t handle The Doctors’ Lisa Masterson when she openly talked about sex and masturbation with him on The Late Late Show. I loved seeing the not-so-shy host get all flustered as he talked to the gynecologist. I love his reaction when he finds out that a man can break his penis. I guess he missed that episode of The Drew Carey Show, you know the show he was on before he had his own late night show.
Make sure to watch the whole interview because Craig finally gets to one up her at the end and do one of his famous innuendos!
I hope that she is back on the show again real soon! But until then watch Craig weeknights on CBS at 12:37a and see what no so clean things come out of his dirty mouth!!!

Did Danny DeVito kill Craig Ferguson’s Secretariat

Danny DeVito was on Craig Ferguson yesterday not to promote his FX show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but his new sales venture…horse meat. When I saw him do that promo I had to wonder if he was using Craig Ferguson’s Secretariat for the horse meat. You know the horse that made his debut on CBS’s The Late Late Show two weeks running into a wall and falling on his a$$.
To see if the Taxi star did, watch the video below…

I hear horse meat goes great with Limoncello!!!

Forget PETA, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Interns might go after Ferguson!

Last week I posted video of Craig Ferguson making his interns dress up as Secretariat the horse for the show. As they were prancing around on the set and trying to make their exit they literally hit the wall. Well of course the horse was a hit (no pun intended) so Craig brought them back for ze Tweets and also e-mails on Friday and what happened was so much worse than what happened to them the first time they were on the show. So saddle up and see why PETA and the People for Ethical Treatment of Interns might be going after The Late Late Show. I promise you will be watching it over and over again and laughing harder each time.
So tune in to the CBS late night show at 12:37a to see if Secretariat gallops back on to the show tonight!!!

Is PETA going to go after Craig Ferguson?

(starts at 1:30 in)
Yesterday on CBS’s Late Late Show with Craig Fergson while he was reading his Tweets and E-mails he had his version of Secretariat come out on the stage. When I say his version, I mean two interns dressed up in a bad horse costume. Well when they were galloping off the set, they missed the doors and (they literally) hit the wall instead. Of course everyone including Craig thought it was hysterical, but there is one group of people I have to wonder who won’t find it so funny, you know, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. I hope they don’t go after him the same way the PTC goes after nude animation on Family Guy.
See if Secretariat will be back to run into another wall tonight on CBS’s Late Late Show at 12:37a!

Did Weird Al Yankovic sing Eat It to Geoff Peterson?

Robot Skeleton Sidekick Geoff Peterson was on assignment for CBS’s Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson because he was covering the red carpet for the movie Red. Hollywood’s skinniest sidekick was talking to the celebs like Morgan Freeman, Bruce Willis and John Malkovich from the movie when he met up with someone who wasn’t in it. Looking at the picture that Weird Al Yankovic Tweeted, I had to wonder if he sang his huge hit Eat It to him, you know, because he is so skinny. I guess we will have to wait until the segment airs on the CBS late night talk show at 12:37a! But until then we can enjoy what the blue eyed robot Tweeted to his new friend, “@alyankovic thank you for that awesome time and the great pic! Ooohh to have your hair, Al. Heads up? …I did once. Hahaha…” I want to see him with that hair!
BTW does anyone know if Weird Al has ever been on The Late Late Show because I would love to him chatting with Craig!

Ashlee, Pete and Bronx: Sherman Oaks Park Playdate

Bringing an end to the weekend with a family excursion, Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz took Bronx Mowgli out to a local park in Sherman Oaks, CA on Sunday (September 26).

The “Melrose Place” cutie and her Fall Out Boy hubby eased their way to the kiddie’s paradise as they watched on while their young son played in the sand in between utilizing the swingset and slides.

Having been splitting time between NYC and LA as of late, Ashlee has recently been working on a new album which is said to have a folk-inspired direction.

Meanwhile, Pete has been traveling all over the world, as he tweeted this past week, “To all my friends apologies for spacing out as of late. My brain has been jumbled mess. I think the jet lag of life caught up with me. Sorry”

Robot Skeleton Geoff Peterson goes to the You Again premiere!

Now that Craig Ferguson has a sidekick on CBS’s Late Late Show, he can actually send Robot Skeleton Geoff Peterson to cover stuff. The first event that he covered was the You Again? premiere on Wednesday and he was hit! So much so someone from the cast made out with him, watch the sneak peek to see who gave the skeleton a boner and watch his full report tonight at 12:37a on CBS!!!