Two and a Half Men — The Secret Charlie Harper Funeral PHOTOS!

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0804-two-men-funeral-ex2The stage is finally set for Charlie Harper’s funeral on “Two and a Half Men” … which features a tribute to the iconic WARDROBE Charlie Sheen made famous on the show — and TMZ has the pics!

Harper’s trademark bowling shirt and shorts hang at the front of a what appears to be a chapel — surrounded by flowers. There is no sign of a coffin or an urn.

The episode is scheduled to air on Sept. 19 — and according to, the funeral will be packed with just about every memorable chick Harper nailed on the show since it began.


The new Two and a Half Men!

Last week Ashton Kutcher was named the new man in Two and a Half Men and yesterday we got to see them all together for the the first time. Even though it should be a happy occasion because Charlie Sheen is gone, Mr Demi Moore kind of hinted it wasn’t when he Tweeted this with the picture “First cast argument 2.5 men (@ Carnegie Hall (Isaac Stern Auditorium / Ronald O. Perelman Stage.” I am sure he is just Punking us. What is evident in that picture is that there is already great chemistry between them.
BTW if I were Angus T. Jones, I would tell Ashton that he needs to kiss his wife Demi because he is the only one of the men who hasn’t. I guess you can saytaht even though that was Jon Cryer’s No Small Affair as the rate his TV son is growing it would be no small affair for him either.

The list of Cher’s men!

Cher was on The Late Show with David Letterman yesterday and went down a list of men she has been rumored to be with and she answered if she did or didn’t do them!!! I loved her answer about Elvis and her openess about it all. I just wish he would have asked her about Val Kilmer, although seeing how he looks now she might have denied their tryst!
Forget the list of the men she was with all those years ago, I want to know who she has been singing I’ve Got You Babe with recently…that has been a big old mystery!