World-Record Powerlifter — Sued for $25,000 Dead Weight

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He holds the record for a 715-pound bench press, but badass powerlifter Scot Mendelson hasn’t been pulling his own weight — at least according to his landlord, who claims Scot owes him over $25,000.


According to the lawsuit, filed recently in L.A. County Superior Court, Scot rented out space for a gym in L.A. last year — called Xert — but failed to pay portions of the rent from January 2011 to June, including taxes and fees … totaling $25,651.07.

Scot’s landlord claims he gave the muscleman 3 days notice last month — to pay up or get the hell out — but Scot hasn’t budged … and STILL owes the full sum.

Now, the landlord claims Scot’s unlawfully squatting on the property — and he wants him to pay the piper, stat … plus $325 for each day Scot continues to occupy the property.

0707_scott_mendelson_launchScot had no comment.


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