Donald Trump tweets that the media is ‘the enemy of the American people’

There’s been some talk among journalists, regular folks and tech people about whether Twitter should ban Donald Trump. Like, that’s the conversation at this point – we’ve all resigned ourselves to the fact that the current president of the United States tweets like a 13-year-old Mean Girl on his unsecure Android phone from the White House. We’ve all thrown up our hands on that one. So now people wonder if Twitter should shut him down. I don’t think they will, first of all. Second of all, I don’t think they should – Trump is the worst person in the world and he’s going to kill us all, but I’d rather deal with his tweets out in the open, rather than having sh-t be all covert. That being said, I’m literally breaking out in stress rashes whenever I look at Trump’s tweets, and sure, I wish he wasn’t such a fascist a–hole. Speaking of, these are just some of his tweets from Friday and Saturday:

So, yeah. Trump isn’t just at war with the intelligence community, Australia, the Democratic Congressional minority, sanity, immigrants, women, Muslims, refugees, John McCain and facts. He’s also going to war with the media. He’s literally saying that the free press is an enemy of the American people. That we would all be better off if the press was just “nice” to him, I guess. We would all be better off if he alone controlled the media. If there were no checks and balances. If he was our baby-fisted authoritarian despot. Obviously, #NotTheEnemy trended on Twitter throughout Friday and Saturday, and I would suggest looking through those posts.

Oh, and Easy D completely made up a terror attack in Sweden. Because FAKE NEWS.

What else? Trump made an unhinged speech at a Boeing plant in South Carolina on Friday. He decided to make a “joke” about Air Force One. “What can look so beautiful at 30? An airplane.” Because once a woman is 30, you might as well trade her in for two 15-year-olds, I suppose. That’s the way it is in Emperor Baby Fists’ Rusmerica.

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Delusional Donald Trump Blames ‘Computer Outages’ For People Being Detained At Airports Over The Weekend — Yeah, Right!

This rotting tangerine will blame anybody but himself!

Donald Trump blamed “computer outages” (LOLz!!!) at Delta for the detainment of dozens of people, many of whom were legal, permanent residents, at various airports around the country over the weekend.

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We guess he figured computers were as good a scapegoat as any! His tiny brain will believe anything. (We’d also like to know which genius in his camp came up with that pathetic excuse.)

The Tweeter-In-Chief took to his favorite social media platform to rail against the airline computer systems Monday, looking even more disturbed than ever. As if such a thing were possible!

Mhmm, “computer outages.” Sure, Don.

People from banned Muslim countries who had green cards and were only WEEKS away from their citizenship ceremonies were detained. How does that make any sense?

If Drumpf’s ego wasn’t so bloated, he’d understand that his executive order was grossly unfair, unconstitutional, and very poorly executed on top of that.

But how do you explain anything of reason to a petulant child???

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Mike Pence was booed at ‘Hamilton’ & Donald Trump wants people to ‘apologize’


Vice-president-elect Mike Pence is currently heading Donald Trump’s transition team, following a Stalin-esque purge that ousted Chris Christie and all of Christie’s people. While I basically loathe everything about Pence’s political views, even I don’t envy the tight-rope on which he’s currently walking, between Trump, Trump loyalists, Trump’s family, the Christie faction, Paul Ryan, Establishment Republicans and anti-establishment Republicans. So, Pence decided to take a break from it all on Friday night. He attended that musical he’s heard so much about, something about one of America’s Founding Fathers, Alexander Hamilton. I’m assuming that was what Pence heard, that Hamilton is about the Founding Fathers and everyone thinks the musical is great. I’m assuming he walked in to the theater not realizing that he was stepping into a sh-tstorm. But step into it he did.

First off, when Pence walked to his seat, he was being booed and cheered by the audience. There were more boos than cheers, and reportedly the boos went on and on for a while before the show started. Still, Pence sat through the whole musical and when it ended, he got up to make a hasty retreat, probably hoping to avoid being booed yet again. Little did he know that when the Hamilton cast did their curtain call, actor Brandon Victor Dixon (currently playing VP Aaron Burr) would ask Pence to remain for a moment so he could hear their message. Dixon then told Pence:

“Vice-president elect Pence, we welcome you and we truly thank you for joining us at Hamilton: An American Musical. We really do. We, sir, we are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us … or uphold our inalienable rights, sir. We truly hope this show has inspired you to uphold our American values and to work on behalf of all of us. All of us. We truly thank you for sharing this show, this wonderful American story told by a diverse group of men and women of different colors, creeds and orientations.”

Here’s the video:

To his credit, Pence stayed and listened to what Dixon said, then Pence left to a chorus of boos (again) from the audience. I personally think that was the best way that whole situation could have gone down – the audience members were enjoying their free speech, and Pence got to see an amazing musical (which is his right too) and he also had the respect for the cast to stick around to hear their message. As I said, Pence has terrible politics, but I can’t find fault in his reaction to this situation at all. Of course, once word got out about Pence’s presence at Hamilton, everyone was trolling him on Twitter. But again, that’s free speech. Not according to Donald Trump though, who just had to tweet about it:

WTF? Pence wasn’t “harassed,” he was booed in a public place… for good reason, because he’s an anti-gay, anti-woman nutjob. And “apologize!” FOR WHAT? For booing a cisgender hetero white man in Trump’s America? Yeah, that’s about the long and short of it. Brandon Victor Dixon responded to Trump’s tweets with this:

Yep. I also appreciate that Pence stopped and listened – that showed that at least he had enough respect to feign interest. And notice Pence hasn’t said anything about this incident too.

After Trump tweeted that, the Deplorables started the #BoycottHamilton hashtag, because they’re really dumb. The musical is sold out for months, if not years. It’s like people living in trailer parks trying to “boycott” Hermes Birkin bags.


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Katherine Jackson: No Evidence Estate Killed MJ

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Katherine Jackson tells TMZ she knows of NO evidence to support the conspiracy theory that people connected with the Michael Jackson Estate killed the singer.

A number of people, including LaToya Jackson, have suggested there was a conspiracy to kill Michael, and LaToya has said she believes Estate honchos were involved.

Katherine tells TMZ … “It is only natural for people who loved Michael, including family members, to be suspicious about the circumstances surrounding Michael’s untimely death. So far I have not seen one shred of evidence that anyone associated with Michael’s estate conspired to kill him.

She continues, “If such evidence ever comes to my attention I will be the first to bring those facts to light.

I Think This Was a Compliment

Julie Bowen (Modern Family) told PEOPLE what makes Aniston the ideal women. I think Julie responded with a compliment. I’m not really sure.
“She’s one of our own,” Bowen tells PEOPLE of her costar in the upcoming movie Horrible Bosses. “She’s incredibly beautiful in the way that you think you could be if you got drunk …

Miley & Tish Cyrus: Bea Bea's Brunch Date

With her dad dominating morning headlines with his new GQ magazine interview, Miley Cyrus was spotted enjoying a bite to eat with her mother, Tish, in Burbank, California on Tuesday (February 15).

The “Last Song” actress displayed a range of emotions from being quite serious to bursting out in laughter as she and her mom chowed down at Bea Bea’s during the midday brunch date.

As for papa Billy Ray’s interview with GQ, the country crooner claimed that “Hannah Montana” destroyed his family while then saying he should have been a stricter parent in reference to Miley’s many headline-making scandal stories.

Also blaming his daughter’s handlers for going too far in promoting her, Billy Ray said: “Every time the train went off the track … her people, or as they say in today’s news, her handlers, every time they’d put [the blame on] me … I took it because I’m her daddy … OK, nail me to the cross.”

He added: “I’m scared for her. She’s got a lot of people around her that’s putting her in a great deal of danger. I want to get her sheltered from the storm.”

Derek Hough turns his back on Dancing with the Stars

(photo from WireImage)
First Julianna Hough said she was taking a season off (and has yet to return to the show on a full-time basis) of Dancing with the Stars and now People is reporting that her older brother is doing the same. The three-time champ is taking the time off to film the dance movie Cobu 3D this spring. At this point the executive producer of the show expects him back in the fall, but my prediction is the show just became Hough-less because I think both of the blonde mirror ball trophy winners are bigger names than the people they are dancing with!