‘Affluenza’ Teen Ethan Couch Will Be Returned To The U.S. & Transferred To Adult Court — Find Out How Many DECADES Of Prison He Could Face!

Ethan Couch will be heading back to the United States in less than a month, and it looks like his luck is running out.

The 18-year-old — who killed four pedestrians in 2013 but got off due to his “affluenza” — has been detained in Mexico since late December after fleeing the country once a video surfaced showing him breaking his probation at a party.

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Scott Brown, Ethan’s lawyer, said that Couch’s attorney in Mexico filed documents on Sunday looking to lift the injunction that has kept him South of the border.

The attorney said in a statement:

“It is our understanding that paperwork has been filed by Ethan’s counsel in Mexico that will terminate the ongoing Mexican immigration proceedings. We believe that this will result in Ethan’s return to the United States within the next few weeks.”

Ethan and his mother Tonya Couch were detained in Mexico after spending three days in the resort town Puerto Vallarta.

Tonya was brought back to the states, but Ethan was allowed to stay in the country after a Mexican court granted him a delay in deportation since he entered the country illegally.

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Ethan’s attorney also said that once he arrives back to Texas, he will attend a hearing on February 19 on whether his case will be transferred from the juvenile to the adult system. Brown added:

“As was stated yesterday in open court, the hearing on the State’s Motion to Transfer to an appropriate District Court has been reset. We further anticipate that, with Ethan personally present for the proceedings, the Court will lawfully transfer Ethan’s probation to an appropriate Tarrant County District Court.”

Since Ethan turns 19 in April, it’s likely he will finish out his 10-year probation under adult court supervision. This means if he were to violate his probation again, he could face up to 10 years in prison per death.

That’s 40 years!

Sounds like Ethan won’t be getting off too easy anymore!

[Image via Jalisco St. Prosecutor’s Office.]


Dear Lindsanity…

Sources are telling us that you are being inundated with fan mail while you sit locked away in Lynwood prison. Rather than waste the stamp, we thought we’d just write to you from here.
What’s that? You don’t know what we are talking about?
Oh, well, the staff in the mailroom at your prison has been besieged […]

Lindsay Lohan Taunted In Prison, Under 24-Hour Surveillance After Guards Find Cuts On Her Arms

lohanfirecrotchcry.jpg Lindsay Lohan (aka inmate #24097527) is being watched 24 hours a day by prison officials following concerns about a number of scratches found on her arms.

A source tells the Daily Mirror, “They are suitably worried by the marks to confiscate her prison-issue toiletries. They are not taking any chances whatsoever as she’s quite vulnerable. They are not sure if the marks are fresh or from her time spent at [Pickford Lofts] before but they certainly look suspicious.”

A recently released inmate also told the tabloid, “On Friday Lindsay got put on lockdown. While some of us got two hours to go to the yard, or the TV room, Lindsay was on total lockdown. She had a hysterical fit, crying and yelling so she got put in isolation.”

Another source says Lindsay was upset because her inmates were taunting her. “Some of the inmates in our ward, some of the tougher ones, were yelling ‘firecrotch’ at her. They just started chanting it at her. Lindsay didn’t say [anything]. She was crying though.”

If that’s the worst of her prison drama, we don’t feel THAT bad for her…
We sure miss her tweets though!

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T.I. –whose real name is Clifford Harris- left federal prison in Arkansas and is moving into the Dismas Charities halfway house in Atlanta, GA where he will stay for the remainder of his time which is about 3 months.

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