Chat With Miley Cyrus Right Now!

Live Broadcast by Ustream.TV

How exciting is this! Miley Cyrus and the other stars of the upcoming movie The Last Song will go live at 1pm PST in Los Angeles to discuss the film and answer fan questions. You can send Miley questions by tweeting to #MileysLastSong or submitting comments on Myspace or Facebook, and you can even chat it out below!

Loves her!

Kari Ferrell Will Now Take Your Questions [Talking Back]

Kari “The Hipster Grifter” Ferrell first rose to fame after Doree profiled her in the NYO. She quickly became internet famous. Later, she went to jail for a bit. Now, she’s in our office, ready to answer your questions, below.

So here’s what is about to happen here: You just put your questions right there in the comments right now. Anything goes! We are going to pick the top ten questions that you submit in the near future. Then, our crack team of videographers are going to be asking Kari your top ten questions live, and she will answer them right off the top of her head, on video! When she’s done that, Kari is going to come online and answer your questions right in the comments, while the magical video is being edited. Then, the video will be posted here. It’s a multimedia extravaganza!

So just put your question in the comments now. Then incessantly refresh this post for the next couple of hours.

UPDATE: It’s 1:55 and Kari’s about to come into the comments to answer your questions. Video TK in about 20 minutes! (Kari’s commenter name is KoreanAbdulJabbar).

UPDATE 2: There is the video. Right on top of this post. Just click it.


Rachel Remains Tight-Lipped About Rumored Pregnancy

Rachel Bilson  hunter boots rainRachel Bilson donned her full-on rain gear in Beverly Hills yesterday as she stopped by a medical building with her mom.

This is the second time she’s been spotted at a doctor’s office in a week. The actress declined to answer questions about whether or not she was pregnant, or when she and Hayden Christensen would be tying the knot, but we can’t help but think she may be hiding a little baby belly underneath that rain coat!

Get the aspirin ready because Lost is back!

I have been stocking up on Aspirin at Costco just for tonight’s season premiere of the final season Lost on ABC starting at 9p. The cast and executive producers promised us at the TCAs that tonight’s episode is going to really good and it will leave us saying “holy sh!t” and “OMG!” a lot and I can’t wait to do that! What I can wait for is the massive headache that I will get from it. Hopefully because it is the last season they will be answering more questions than they have been asking, but knowing Lost they will ask even more questions when ever they answer a question.
Seriously who else is so freaking excited for Lost tonight?
BTW since there hasn’t been a lot of new video from this season of Lost, I decided to post that really old Top 10 from Letterman with Jorge Garcia. And for you newbies who want to find out why we are all obsessed with the show here are the first 5 seasons of Lost in 500 seconds!!!