Evan Rachel Wood: Dating Katherine Moening?!

She divorced her husband Jamie Bell after less than two years of marriage and now it seems Evan Rachel Wood has found another lover.

According to an eyewitness, the “Wrestler” actress was spotted with “The L Word” star Katherine Moennig at the Hammer Museum’s annual Gala in the Garden in Los Angeles.

“Evan Rachel Wood arrived with Kate Moening. They were holding hands and looked very much like a couple. They kept close all night.”

Previously, Wood tweeted “Just saw @katemoennig at a flea market. I turned to mush and ran. Love her!!” to which Moennig replied, “you should have said hi.”

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BREAKING! Rachel Bilson Follows BF Hayden Christensen Down L.A. Curb!

Rachel Bilson & Hayden ChristensenPhoto Credit: Pacific Coast News

Rachel Bilson & her longtime partner Hayden Christensen grabbed lunch together in Los Feliz yesterday afternoon. The duo, who are notorious for dabbling in one too sessions of makeup sex over the years following their countless temporary breakups, were dressed casually and arrived in what appears to be Rachel’s Audi A3. For those of you who missed the earlier post, Hayden drives an Audi R8.

Judging by how their respective careers are rolling along, they both need to dump each other once & for all and pave a new path in Hollywood by sleeping with highly networked people in the industry. Whatever they’re doing right now is simply not cutting it. Hayden has no movies in the works, while Rachel makes one shitter after another.


Rachel Zoe’s Clothing Line Is Failing

No one ever seems to care as much as Rachel Zoe stories as I do, so I just usually don’t post them. Rachel is my personal guilty pleasure celebrity and I read nearly every story I see about her or her brand. She has this encyclopedic knowledge of all things fashion and she is a great stylist, but on the other hand she spreads herself way too thin, loses assistants to other reality shows every six months or so and now according to Page Six her clothing line is in mah-jah trouble.

She might even being losing her Bravo show The Rachel Zoe Project...gasp!

Rachel Zoe 3


Rachel Zoe’s clothing empire might soon be in shreds — sources say her line isn’t selling well in stores and her Bravo reality show may also be in trouble. The pin-thin stylist-turned-designer has become a household name from styling A-list clients including Jennifer Garner, Anne Hathaway and Demi Moore, and through her Bravo reality show, “The Rachel Zoe Project.” Last summer, she launched a clothing line with Chinese retail giant Li & Fung.

But despite the large promotional platform of her Bravo show, we hear the line isn’t doing well at stores including Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom, with industry insiders snipping that interest in the line has “peaked.”

We hear Li & Fung “is panicked” about Zoe’s collection, and there are also rumblings that “The Rachel Zoe Project” may not return to Bravo for a fifth season.

To add insult to injury, sources tell us that Zoe’s assistant, interior designerJeremiah Brent, is getting his own reality show on the network. Brent, who redecorated Zoe’s Hollywood home on the show, appeared on “Zoe Project” in Season 4, having been fired and rehired by Zoe and her husband, Rodger Berman.

Brent appears to have moved on and started his own business, Jeremiah Brent Design, as shown by photos of his office on Twitter. He would be the third Zoe assistant to get a reality show, including Brad Goreski (“It’s a Brad Brad World”) and Taylor Jacobson, who appears in Oxygen Network’s upcoming “HollywoodUnzipped: Stylist Wars.”

A rep for Zoe, who will show at Lincoln Center during New York Fashion Week, didn’t comment. But Alan Chartash, the chief strategy officer for Li & Fung USA, said: “We’re very happy. Apparel launched a year or so, and since that time, we’ve launched footwear, handbags and we’re launching a line of jewelry exclusively with Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman. We’re supportive of Rachel and the continuation of the brand. Like any clothing line, it ebbs and flows, but we’re very happy with the apparel sales.”

Rachel Zoe 1 150x150
Rachel Zoe 2 150x150
Rachel Zoe 3 150x150


Rachel Bilson’s Black & White Lunch Date

Taking a break to dine out, Rachel Bilson was spotted leaving lunch with a friend in Los Angeles on Wednesday (August 15).

The 30-year-old actress looked lovely in black and white sundress with tan sandals before heading back to her SUV.

In career news, the “Hart of Dixie” starlet recently talked to Wetpaint about the newest season of her hit CW show.

Miss Bilson said, “Well, there’s definitely going to be a lot of love-triangle action. Team George vs. Team Wade. So that’s going to be fun to play with.”

Catch the newest season on October 2 at 8/7 c.

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Rachel McAdams Has Staying Power

Rachel McAdams

Photo by Christopher Peterson/BuzzFoto.com

By Jules in Montana

Hollywood starlets in pursuit of their 15 minutes of fame come and go. Rachel McAdams isn’t one of them. The gorgeous Canadian actress is doing Hollywood her own way. Growing up in Ontario, Canada, she started figure skating at age four and continued competing regionally until she was eighteen. Aside from figure skating, she developed an interest in acting early on, performed in various plays and in her later teens directed children’s theater performances. In 2001 she graduated with honors from York University with a BA in theater.
Even though she made a name for herself with commercial hits such as “Mean Girls”, “The Notebook” and “Wedding Crashers”, she refused to let the potential of fame and fortune stand in the way of being true to herself. After being invited to appear on the cover of Vanity Fair alongside Scarlett Johannson and Keira Knightley, realizing only when she showed up that it was a nude photo shoot, she fired her publicist who had failed to mention that small detail. In 2006 and 2007 she took an extended break from acting in order to focus on herself and her family, explaining that “if you want to tell stories as truthfully as possible, you have to have a normal, boring existence.”
More recently she has come back with more box office hits, such as “State of Play”, “The Time Traveler’s Wife”, and “Sherlock Holmes”. A practitioner of kundalini yoga and ardent environmentalist, she runs GreenlsSexy.org with two of her friends, a website dedicated to eco-friendly living. After hurricane Katrina hit in 2005, McAdams volunteered her time in the clean-up efforts in Biloxi, Mississippi. Currently living in Ontario with her younger brother, she has attended Occupy Toronto and Foodstock, a protest against a proposed lime stone quarry in Ontario.
And while her new movie “The Vow” which comes out in time for Valentine’s Day sounds like your regular romantic comedy, it is sure to be a hit, considering it is graced not only by McAdams’ fabulous dimples, but also her intriguing multi-layered acting performance.

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Rachel McAdams Covers Glamour February 2012

Fresh off of the release of her new movie “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows,” Rachel McAdams brings her charm to the cover of the February 2012 issue of Glamour magazine.

Clad in a Mavi shirt and Dolce & Gabbana shorts, the 33-year-old Canadian actress dolls up the Alexei Hay shot front page while opening up in the featured article about topics including her experience as a McDonald’s employee and past crushes on soap stars, as well as Josh Brolin.

Highlights from Rachel’s interview are as follows. For more, be sure to visit Glamour!

On whether she gets involved in creating her characters’ looks:
“Yeah, I love those preliminary conversations about who a character is. You try on wigs, shoes and clothes. It’s preferable when it’s not about looking pretty. It can get a little dull to just be cute. We talk about things like, maybe my character can’t afford these Christian Louboutins. [The stylist] will say, ‘No one will notice.” And I’m like, “Everyone knows that red-bottom shoe!'”

On whether playing serious or playing silly is more difficult:
“I think playing silly. I’m very silly as a person, but quality silliness on-screen has more of an art to it. Harrison Ford, whom I was in Morning Glory with, has mastered that dry funny better than anyone.”

On whether she worked at McDonald’s:
“Yeah, for a good three years. My sister and brother worked there. My sister was my manager! It was a great place to work, but I had a little bit of an OCD thing with hand washing and just didn’t have time. They were like, “Hey, the drive-through’s backing up. Stop washing your hands!” I was not a great employee; I broke the orange juice machine one day.”

On her all-time favorite romantic movie:
“Just one?! In the Mood for Love, Giant, Days of Heaven and the Russian film Burnt by the Sun. I can’t choose just one.”

On crushes she’s had on actors:
“I loved soap operas when I was young, so Antonio Sabato Jr. and Maurice Benard from General Hospital. And who could forget Josh Brolin in The Goonies?”

On what she’d do if she wasn’t acting?
“I wouldn’t mind running a restaurant. I’m not an amazing cook, but I can follow a recipe.”

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Rachel Ray or Ellen DeGeneres Calls Giada DeLaurentiis A BJ Queen?

Some days I get really tired of the celebrity gossip world…but then something like this pops up and I’m right back in it baby!  There are few A-list female talk show hosts…really we are only talking about Rachel Ray or Ellen Degeneres.

giada de laurentiis

Here is a conversation last week that an A list talk show host had with his/her staff about booking someone.

The talk show host and some producers were were in a light production meeting just going over the upcoming schedule. The talk show host mentioned that they want more general guests on the show and to cut back on other parts of the show. The host was also open to having cooking segments come in. One of the producers suggested Giada because it would be a nice ratings booster to have both of them together. The host pondered the suggestion but said nothing. The one of the other producers said.

Producer: Just make sure to keep Giada away from the band.
Host: Laughs
Producer who suggested it: What?
Host: You know!
Producer who suggested it: Know what? Oh, because of the John Mayer thing? That was made up by Star Magazine.

AT that point the talk show host started talking about how the producer was clueless about what Giada’s deal is and that it is way more than rumors. Apparently Giada would confide in a stylist who also styled the talk show host and was not shy about spilling what was spilled to him which basically included that Giada often would use the excuse of “production meetings” to go meet with guys. The talk show host then called Giada a word that begins with an s and rhymes with mutt.

The producer who suggested her then asked, “so she is out then?”
The talk show host then replied, “who else do you have besides the blowjob queen?” (CDAN)

Rachel Returns Hush Money To Tiger, Threatens Gloria

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TMZ has learned … Rachel Uchitel has given Tiger Woods back most of the settlement money he paid her … and now Rachel is preparing to sue Gloria Allred, the lawyer who struck the deal, allegedly because Gloria sold her out for money.

As TMZ reported, Gloria negotiated a $10 million settlement for Rachel … just hours before Rachel was going to hold a tell-all news conference about Tiger Woods.

Rachel Zoe Shops Robertson With Baby Skyler

Rachel Zoe

Rachel Zoe

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Photo by BuzzFoto.com

Just over a month after giving birth, Rachel Zoe took baby Skyler out for his first shopping trip at Kitson Kids on Robertson Blvd. Rachel already looks super slim, but it looks as if motherhood is agreeing with her. Calling her son “the love of her life,” Rachel seemed happy and carefree picking out items for the little cutie. She even had some help from friends.

Rachel Bilson Rocks a Bikini

You know, I’ve typically rated Rachel Bilson as one of the most boring celebrity chicks out there in LaLa land today. She’s stuck on the equally boring I-can’t-act-to-save-my-damn-life-so-I-ruined-the-iconic-character-Darth-Vader dude Hayden Christensen. But here’s Rachel hitting the beach in a bikini, and I must say, this chick just became mighty more interesting. A photoshoot with the guys […]

Fran Drescher could totaly play Lea Michele’s grandmother!

Lea Michele and Fran Drescher posed together at the 2011 MusiCares Person Of The Year Tribute To Barbra Streisand and I totally think The Nanny could play her grandmother on Glee. I know Drescher is a little to young for the role, but with some makeup she would be perfect to play Idina Menzel’s mother and Rachel Berry’s grams on the show. As long as she doesn’t sing, I don’t think my ears could handle that!