Taylor Swift debuts a clip of her second single, ‘Ready For It’, on ESPN & ABC

Taylor Swift celebrated her bffs wedding at Martha's Vineyard

Here are some photos of Taylor Swift over the weekend in Martha’s Vineyard. She was all dressed up because she was her best friend’s bridesmaid! Her BFF is Abigail Anderson, and Abigail got married at the Old Whaling Church in Edgartown. All of Abigail’s bridesmaids wore the same rich maroon color, although from the way Taylor was taking special care of the wedding dress train, I kind of wonder if Tay was the maid of honor?

A few more Swifty things. Taylor debuted a clip of a second single from her new album, Reputation. The song is apparently called “Ready For It” and it debuted on ESPN, during the Florida State vs. Alabama game. That’s Taylor’s audience – red-state football fans. Here’s the ESPN promo:

This song sounds more like what we were hearing on 1989, Taylor’s last album. Very pop-y, radio friendly, etc. I bet it will be a big hit. Taylor also gave the song to ABC for one of their promos for the upcoming fall season – the promos hit around the same time Saturday night.

A few more things – Taylor made a “very sizeable donation” to Houston Food Bank. She didn’t announce it, Houston Food Bank announced it and thanked her on their Facebook page. Taylor’s surrogates have also been doing a lot of heavy lifting over the past few days to make sure that everyone knows that Taylor is A) the victim, B) completely innocent and C) better than Kanye West. Taylor’s problematic video director Joseph Kahn has been saying a lot of words (ugh) and now Todrick Hall is out here giving lengthy interviews about how no one even knows if Taylor voted for Donald Trump, etc.

Update: Here’s the full song. She’s really going in on one of her exes. Huh. Tom or Calvin?

Taylor Swift celebrated her bffs wedding at Martha's Vineyard

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

Taylor Swift celebrated her bffs wedding at Martha's Vineyard
Taylor Swift celebrated her bffs wedding at Martha's Vineyard


Sharon Stone in a See-Through Top, Ready for Her Cougar Cub Boyfriend

Before we had him committed against his will, my Uncle Vim used to spout sayings over and over again in between chewing on the wallpaper, one of which was, ‘What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander.’ At the time, I had no idea what he was talking about, I only knew that he kept peeing in my sock drawer. As I grew into a mature man, or, you know, whenever that does come about, I figured out that Uncle Vim was an early version feminist, an equal rightist in his own right. If it’s good for the guys, it’s good for the girls.

Sharon Stone seems to agree, as the veteran sextastic actress has apparently been regularly visited on the set of Gods Behaving Badly, by her half-her-age cougar cub boyfriend who has been knocking her boots so hard in her trailer, the Star Wagon company has filed a complaint for abuse of their property. Seen here in a see-through top on the film set, Sharon Stone looks like a woman whose been having her undercarriage serviced. Squeaky wheel. Grease. Happiness. Good for you. Sharon. Be the goose. Enjoy.

Egotastic! The Sexy Side Of Celebrity Gossip

Ginnifer Goodwin: Engaged to Joey Kern!

Just in time for the wintertime holidays, Ginnifer Goodwin has joyously confirmed that she’s ready to walk down the aisle!

The “Big Love” star seems to be ready to make the ultimate commitment, as she accepted a proposal from boyfriend of two years, Joey Kern.

Elatedly talking with People magazine, Ginnifer and Joey said, “We couldn’t be happier than to celebrate our engagement over the holidays with our families.”

Reports tell that 32-tear-old Goodwin and 34-year-old Kern’s engagement took place in early December with the two eyeing a wedding date next fall.

Lucy Liu ask Marry Me for Lifetime!

Lucy Liu thinks her boyfriend is going to say Marry Me tonight and tomorrow on Lifetime at 9p, but instead he tells her he is leaving her to travel the world to photograph frogs. Upset over break up she goes home and her Priest tells her his cousin is available. She agrees to go on a date with him and things don’t exactly work out for them. So they try for a second date and he asks her to marry him. She is not ready to say yes just yet, but they still go out. She meets his rich best friend and has feelings for him and then her ex comes back in to her life and he is ready to get married. She now has to choose between the three men, who will she pick? By the end of the two part movie she will say yes to one of them and I can tell you it is the right one and just in time for their daughter to go to college!

Ricky Martin Tells Ellen All About ME

rickyellen460.jpgCourtesy: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Ricky Martin stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk about his upcoming book, ME … and how his recent “coming out” was influenced by the issue of bullying.

The Livin’ La Vida Loca singer tells Ellen:

“I started feeling responsible. Ellen, I think that everyone has to go through their own process. When you’re not ready. You’re not ready. You have to go through a spiritual path. It doesn’t mater if takes you 10, 15 years since the moment you realize where you understand who you are. You cannot be forced. Right now…. we’re talking about bullying and children are being bullied because they are gay and they are committing suicide. Children are committing suicide because they are being outed. If you’re not ready, you’re just not ready.”

As for his 2-year-old twins, Matteo and Valentino, Ellen asks Ricky, “Your boys are probably very active right? So they’re running around so we have little warm up suits for them.”

The perfect gift. Adorbs!

Ricky’s book ME hits stores on November 11.

Heidi, Rachel and Taylor Glam Up Cavalli PFW Party

Getting ready for the final leg of the four city fashion week happenings, the ladies were out in full force in Paris, France on Wednesday night (September 29).

With Tinseltown stars such as Taylor Swift, Rachel Bilson and Heidi Klum all on hand, Roberto Cavalli threw a swanky party at Les Beaux-Arts de Paris as part of the Paris Fashion Week Ready To Wear S/S 2011 kickoff night.

Joining in on the festivities was Leonardo DiCaprio’s lovely girlfriend, model Bar Refaeli, as well as “X Factor” singing sensation Leona Lewis.

Rounding out the guest list partying it up at Les Beaux-Arts de Paris were Leigh Lezark, Karolina Kurkova and the lovely Natalia Voidonova.

Another brother and sister are dating!

(photo from WireImage)
First it was the Brady Bunch siblings dating each other then Dexter’s Michael C Hall and Jennifer Carpenter who play brother and sister on the Showtime hit got married almost two years ago, and now there is another set of TV siblings who are dating. According to OK Magazine Parenthood’s Lauren Graham told Redbook that she is seeing her TV bro Brian Krause. She told the mag that 15 years ago they went on a date, ‘

X17 XCLUSIVE – David Beckham Returns To Soccer For The First Time Since Surgery!

beckham soccer
beckham soccer

David Beckham took Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz to a local soccer field yesterday to show them his moves and the footballer was in fine form!

This is the first time we’ve seen the Galaxy star back on the field since surgery on his Achilles tendon back in March when doctors said Beckham would need six months’ recovery before returning to the game.

Well after doing his time on crutches, pampering foot with ankle supports, and just simply taking it easy, Beckham looks like he’s ready to get back to his sport!

beckham soccer

David was sitting on the sidelines at first but couldn’t sit still. Our photographer tells us:

“David was watching but he couldn’t handle calling out directions, he had to get up and show the boys how it was done. And once he was on his feet and running around he was totally in the zone. He was ready to play!”

And we’re ready to see David back!
You think one day we'll see the Beckham boys following in their father's footsteps and joining professional soccer?