Mel Gibson might be a woman beater

Radar earlier reported that Mel Gibson filed a restraining order against Oksana Grigorieva. Now TMZ reports Oksana got a domestic violence restraining order against Mel because he was “violent” toward. A source close to Mel laughed at the allegations claiming the alleged incidents took place in January and, if they were true, questioned why she … read more

Kim Kardashian Granted Restraining Order Against Crazy Stalker

kimkrestro.jpg This is seriously scary!

Kim Kardashian has been granted a restraining order against Dennis Shaun Bowman, a man who has been allegedly stalking the reality TV star.

NYDN reports that Bowman would show up at Kim’s events in LA wearing joker face paint, and he apparently believes he’s in a relationship with her! At one point NYDN reports that Bowman tweeted at Kim and apologized for missing an imaginary dinner date planned in Atlanta. Sounds like the restraining order was definitely warranted!

Bowman began sending Kim creepy Twitter messages last fall, and get this – he then moved from Georgia to Calabasas, California to be closer to her! Bowman even tweeted at Kim’s boyfriend Reggie Bush, and understandably, Kim says she believes Bowman is an immediate threat. Under the restraining order, Bowman must stay 500 yards away from Kim and stop contacting her.
Poor Kimmy!

Courtney Love’s Daughter Files Restraining Order

It’s no secret that Courtney Love’s world is always filled with drama, and now her 17-year-old daughter has filed a temporary restraining order against her.

Frances Bean Cobain was taken out of Love’s legal custody late last week and now it seems she won’t be granted direct or indirect contact with her.

An inside source revealed that the temporary restraining order was signed under seal, though it has already been leaked to the media.

For now, Frances Bean will be cared for by Wendy O’Conor (Kurt Cobain’s mother) and Kimberly Dawn Cobain (Kurt’s sister).