There are more celebrities in New Year’s Eve than rehab!

Garry Marshall’s latest movie New Year’s Eve stars Robert De Niro, Jon Bon Jovi, Zac Efron, Ashton Kutcher, Hilary Swank, Katherine Heigl, Sarah Jessica Parker, Josh Duhamel, Sofia Vergara, Michelle Pfeiffer, Lea Michele and Ryan Seacrest to name a few. So when I heard the former Grey’s Anatomy actress say “There are more celebrities here than rehab” I thought it was great headline for this post because its true. Even though almost anyone who is anyone is in it and I shouldn’t want to see the film when it comes out December 9th, I can’t wait to see it. If it is anything like Valentine’s Day it will be a fun a flick that everyone can enjoy.

Anthony Anderson is an addict

Anthony Anderson is the latest celebrity to be addicted to Planking and he announced on his Twitter “in the words of Diddy, ‘I won’t stop’” Like most addicts he is sharing his addiction with someone close to him, his daughter Kyra. The two did a plank in honor of the show that we got to know him on, you know Hang Time!!! Actually all of planking is like Hang Time.
Can someone please explain to me why so many people are obsessed with lying face down, hands at side, where ever they want, have someone photograph them doing it and then posting it online? Am I really missing out the latest phenomenon? The only way I would enjoy planking is if I helped someone do it in a really high place (like the third picture), take the picture and then run away with the ladder leaving them stuck up in a place where they can’t get down. Now that would be fun!!!

P!nk is still pregnant!

Fame Pictures
Is it just me or does it seem like P!ink has been pregnant forever? She definitely looks that way, but that is how she should look because she is due any now. Even though she looks ready to pop, she is positively glowing awaiting her new arrival. And looks like her husband Carey Hart will be there at her side to let her squeeze his hand as hard as she wants when she is delivering their first baby!


The new Two and a Half Men!

Last week Ashton Kutcher was named the new man in Two and a Half Men and yesterday we got to see them all together for the the first time. Even though it should be a happy occasion because Charlie Sheen is gone, Mr Demi Moore kind of hinted it wasn’t when he Tweeted this with the picture “First cast argument 2.5 men (@ Carnegie Hall (Isaac Stern Auditorium / Ronald O. Perelman Stage.” I am sure he is just Punking us. What is evident in that picture is that there is already great chemistry between them.
BTW if I were Angus T. Jones, I would tell Ashton that he needs to kiss his wife Demi because he is the only one of the men who hasn’t. I guess you can saytaht even though that was Jon Cryer’s No Small Affair as the rate his TV son is growing it would be no small affair for him either.

Is this the worst infomercial ever?

When I clicked on the link that Kris Allen Tweeted for the Baby Bullet Infomerical, I though it was spoof on all the other ones. Well I did some research and it is the real thing.
When you watch the video you video, you will see why I thought it was as fake as the baby bump they used on the actress in it. Seriously they couldn’t find a real pregnant woman to play the role. But it doesn’t stop there because the drunk grandmother is just how I felt after I watched the whole thing. Just like a bad car accident, I couldn’t look away.
So spend this Friday, watching what might be the worst infomercial ever…and that says a lot.

The many faces of Mr Schuester

Matt Morrison was performing at the Goodman Theatre 10th Anniversary Gala and the Glee star was very expressive as he sang. Looking at those facial expressions, I can’t tell if that is his “O” face or the one he makes when he is taking a major dump. Which one do you think it is?
I never thought anyone could look more constipated than Lea Michele when they sang, but I think her co-star beats her out. And that is not pretty thing.

You’re sh!tting me that no one surveyed gave this answer!

Family Feud asks some weird questions, and they deserve to have equally weird answers to go with them. And I get really bummed when they ask something and the obvious answers are not on the board.
The latest such example is when Steve Harvey asked, “Name something dogs do a lot of during the dog days of summer?” What do you think answer should be? Sh!t, right? Well that is what the contestant said and when Harvey turned around to see how people the show surveyed agreed with her, the big red X appeared. Seriously who are they surveying because that was the first answer that came to my head and I am sure yours too. I mean it is the obvious answer, no?
BTW the second thing that came to my mind was that Florence and the Machine song, but that is neither here nor there.

Yabba Dabba Don’t, Seth MacFarlane is redoing The Flintsones

Today when Fox announced their fall lineup everyone was surprised to find out that Terra Nova isn’t the only show with dinosaurs coming to their airwaves. They shocked everyone when they announced that Seth MacFarlane is bringing The Flintstones out of the Stone Age and into the year 2013.
The man behind Family Guy got his start at Hanna-Barbera and now he is bringing one of their most famous cartoons back to primetime. Here is what he had to say about it, ‘

The CW no longer cheers for Hellcats

The CW has decided to cancel Hellcats and renew One Tree Hill and Nikita. I am so sad about this news because I really enjoyed Hellcats and I think there was so much more they could’ve done with the show if it had another season. I mean how much more can they do with One Tree Hill? I stopped watching the show years ago and I used to fight like Nikita to keep it on the air. Seriously who is still watching that show?

Is Courteney Cox aging backwards?

Fame Pictures
Courteney Cox was out and about yesterday and I have to wonder if the Cougar Town actress is aging backwards. The 46 year old was fresh faced as she hit the town with a ponytail and to me she looks as young as she did when she was in Bruce Springsteen’s Dancing in the Dark video back in 1984. Seriously doesn’t the Friend look absolutely gorgeous like that? Hopefully the makeup people at her hit ABC comedy will take notice and do her face like that when the show comes back in the fall.

Corey Feldman has the dumbest hairstyle

Corey Feldman has mashed up all the worst ’80s hairstyles and combined them into one big hairdon’t. I don’t what he was thinking by growing out the tail that was made famous by Aimee Mann in the front. It looks so idiotic, I can’t see anyone saying that was a smart idea. And what is up with letting his black roots show under his bleached and fried blonde spiked Billy Idol do? I would like to say something positive about it, but I can’t…can you?

CBS starts cancelling

CBS has started cancelling the shows that won’t be back in the fall. The first three to get the news according to Watch with Kristin are Sh!t My Dad Says, Mad Love and The Defenders. None of the cancellations are a surprise, but I wish they would’ve brought back Sh!t with new showrunners. The show had potential, it was just the writing that sucked. Oh well, hopefully David E Kelley can find a place for William Shatner on Harry’s Law.
Still waiting to find out their fate are Blue Bloods (which better be back), Hawaii Five-O, NCIS: LA, The Criminal Minds, The CSIs, Mike and Molly, Rules of Engagement, The Good Wife and The Mentalist. My prediction for which dramas will get the axe next are CSI: NY and Criminal Minds Suspicious Behavior with the possibility of The Mentalist getting a new time slot or moving to midseason.
Now when it comes to Rules of Engagement, I want to know what they have on the network to keep coming back. Is the production team on this show, the same one that worked on Yes, Dear???

Nick Cannon says that Mariah Carey’s labor drove him to the psych ward!!!

Nick Cannon was on Lopez Tonight yesterday and he talked to George Lopez about his brand new twins. He shared with the TBS late night host about the birthing experience and how his son and daughter got their names.
As prepared as Nick was for their birth and even with a few test runs, he still freaked out when the actual time came. He was so nervous that he got lost in the hospital and found himself in the psych ward instead of the maternity one. What a way for the boy and girl to start off their first day in the world.
Now when it comes to their names even with the written explanations Moroccan Scott and Monroe sounded kind of unusual. Well now that he explained their meanings and importance they sound so much better. As we know their daughter was named after Marilyn Monroe and they chose her last name because it is a “strong name for a woman.” I personally love the name. Now when it comes to their son, who was named after a room in their place, it was also the same room that they got engaged in. How sweet is that? And his parents don’t call him by his full name, instead they call him Rock. That will definitely help him as he grows up from getting teased by his classmates.
Nick also revealed that twins are still in the hospital and they will be home any day now. Let’s hope they bring them home ASAP because if I were a baby I would want to experience their nursery as soon as I could.