Angelina Jolie And Vivienne Are Giving Us A Case Of Deja Vu!

When we posted our exclusive pix of Angelina Jolie holding adorable two-year-old Vivienne Marcheline in Budapest, we got a flashback to 2008, when Angie held Shiloh (then two) as she walked through the streets of New Orleans.

It’s not just that Shiloh and Viv resemble each other (although it’s cute to see Shiloh’s boyish style developing even then), or that Jolie’s rocking some mayjah shades — we think we know why we’re having such a strong case of deja vu:


It’s the dress! I guess when something works, you stick with it, huh?
Love it, even if she does wear it all the time!

Zac Efron tries to be sexy!

Zac Efron was at the ESPYs yesterday because I guess he played a basketball player in High School Musical so that makes him an athlete in a way? Anyways the Charlie St Cloud star walked the red carpet in a sleek blue suit and black shirt with shades and tried to be sexy while posing for the cameras. I don’t know why, but as hard as tries to be sexy he still seems like a cute boy to me. Do you think he scored an home run with that look or was it a foul?

Kim Goes Nude At Nobu

Kim Kardashian hollywood nobu cheban sister dinner sunglassesKim Kardashian took her little sisters Kendall, Kylie and friends out for sushi at Nobu last night, where she showed off a nearly nude face!

The most camera-ready Kardashian put her makeup on pause for the night but still looked just as gorge.

The reality star almost forgot to remove her 70s style shades as she got into the car, but didn’t forget to ask photogs to wish her a happy “Armenian Christmas!”

I didn't even know there was such a thing!