Spike Returns To TV!

To the SyFy channel naturally!

Buffy The Vampire Slayer’s James Marsters is returning to television for SyFy’s new series Three Inches.
SyFy Executive Vice President of Development Mark Stern says:

“Three Inches is a fun, smart, offbeat spin on the superhero genre. It introduces a new group of crime fighters who possess some imaginative — if not all […]

Jessica Simpson Gets Smoochy With Boyfriend Eric Johnson

jessica-kiss.jpgimage courtesy of Jessica Simpson’s Twitter

Jessica Simpson may have wanted to keep some of her past relationships under wraps, but the singer/actress certainly has no problem showing off her current beau Eric Johnson! Jess posted the above pic yesterday and tweeted, “Romance 101..getting kissed by my Yalie…me not lookin’ so smart…:) but YUM!”

Johnson may be a Yale grad, but let’s hope he’s a winner in the boyfriend department too!
Has she finally found love?

BuzzFoto Blind Item #276

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Photo by Justin Campbell/BuzzFoto.com

This popular show, filming in New York has an actress that is a huge diva. She pretends to be kind when the cameras are snapping, but when she’s out of the limelight, she’s a real monster to those around her. She throws tantrums, screams at staff and camera crew, makes ridiculous demands and ignores fans. Her costars can’t stand her, but make nice for public appearances. The other day she demanded an entire pallet of smart water delivered to her trailer, with each bottle individually labeled with her name on it. She then wanted them arranged in a certain way in her refrigerator, but was specific that no ‘bare hands’ touch the bottles. WTF?

Not Jessica Szhor.

Photo by Justin Campbell/BuzzFoto.com