Stephen Belafonte Reunited With His Daughter Madison

Stephen Belafonte was reunited with his daughter Madison under “strict supervision” on Sunday (04.30.17).

The 41-year-old film producer is currently in the midst of a divorce battle with Mel B, but was allowed to see his five-year-old daughter for four hours at The Ness Centre, a counselling facility in Los Angeles.

Mel has taken out a restraining order against her estranged husband amid claims he was abusive towards the pop star and forced her into threesomes with the family’s former nanny Lorraine Gilles.

And last month, their divorce row with Stephen took another twist when Lorraine claimed she had a seven-year sexual relationship with the singer.

The German filed a defamation lawsuit against the former Spice Girl, hitting back at claims in the ‘America’s Got Talent’ star’s divorce documents that she and Mel’s husband had been “pilfering money” from her, had an affair and terminated a pregnancy after conceiving Stephen’s baby.

The former staff member – who is suing for defamation, libel, invasion of privacy and intentional infliction of emotional distress – said Mel has portrayed her as a “homewrecker, prostitute and extortionist” but “in actuality,” the ‘Wannabe’ hitmaker “seduced” her as a “naive and curious 18-year-old foreign exchange student … with alcohol, fame and casual sex.”

Lorraine claims that Mel confided in her when she first came to the States from her native Germany and told her that she and her spouse had an open relationship.

The former nanny said the trio had a threesome shortly afterwards and claims she continued having sex with Mel for the next seven years.

In her legal documents, Lorraine also said: “At no point did Gilles and Belafonte engage in any sexual acts without Brown’s knowledge or participation and at no point did Gilles and Belafonte represent to Brown that Gilles was pregnant with Belafonte’s child.”

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Stephen Colbert Releases New ‘Late Show’ Promo Video Promising the World It’s Going to Be Freaking Fantastic

After months of celebrity cavemanning, everyone’s favorite retired comedy-news reporter smacks us with a new promo for The Late Show that reassures any doubts he couldn’t make the full comedy transition. (I said retired okay? You can still like John Oliver the most. Man, Jon Stewart, short end of the stick.)

The video, titled “The Colbeard”, centers around Colbert’s adoption of a face rug during his live-TV hiatus. “Good news, I still exist”, he reassures us as he eats a hot dog with cheap, disposable utensils and flatware. The video lacks the normal live audience laughter which leaves a slightly jarring feeling throughout, but doesn’t deter it from being funny. It just leaves an awkward pause for you to laugh at home. A quick blowing air forcefully out your nose will not cut it, you’re going to have to elicit a literal lol.

Colbert talks of using The Late Show to redefine his look:

“CBS is making me shave it off because Tom Selleck’s mustache has a non-complete clause.”

“What would I look like with a mustache, say, or a Van Dyke, or whatever Chuck Todd calls that think that’s crawling around his mouth?”

Transitioning his beard on camera from the “un-Hitler” to a fine Amish creepy-no-mustache-beard to a one-sided wolverine sideburn, he attempts to grasp onto what Millennials love before settling on the clean, classically shaved Colbert, all while letting his shaven whiskers clumpily fall onto his half-eaten hot dog. Frankly, I think we’re all upset he missed the Van Buren.

With a nice reminiscing montage of his time with his bff beardy set to Green Day’s, “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)”, but with the public domain lyrics of “Camptown Races” sung by Stephen Colbert, he comments that’s the hardest he’s worked in months, but he’s ready to get back to the ol’ grind. That is, until he “finds out” the show doesn’t start till September. With that, he wipes back on his beard and heads out with the promise that, that same old Colbert charm will be gracing us in three short months. Here’s to hoping for more Colbert snippets through the next 90-ish days; it’s been too long, old friend.

The Blemish

Stephen Dorff Steps Out To Promote Somewhere

venice italy 67th Venice Film Festival Stephen Dorff

See, Stephen Dorff isn’t an out of work actor! He stars in the new Sofia Coppola flick Somewhere, which is about a hard-partying Hollywood celebrity whose life is turned upside down after his young daughter (played by Elle Fanning) surprises him with a visit. We snapped Stephen and Sofia arriving at the Excelsior hotel in Venice, where it seems like the film has been getting decent (but not stellar) reviews from critics.
This could be an interesting movie…will you see it?

So this is how Jimmy Fallon got to host the Emmys?

I have been wondering how Jimmy Fallon got the coveted spot of hosting the Emmys and it looks like we know how? The Late Night host Tweeted this picture of him with Emmy in what looks like a compromising position. Poor Emmy if she saw him in his skin tight winter Olympic body suit, she would’ve held out for Stephen Colbert who really could fill out the suit.
BTW actually I understood why he got the job after I saw him on the America’s Got Talent on Wednesday, he really impress the sh!t out of me!

Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer: Wedding Pictures/Details

Making for an evening to remember, details and pictures from Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer’s weekend wedding have slowly but surely been revealed.

The “True Blood” co-star couple exchanged nuptials at a private residence in Malibu, California, with taking to the seaside tent in a gorgeous white sleeveless gown.

With guests including actor Elijah Wood and “True Blood” co-star Carrie Preston among those on-hand for the “I Do’s”, attendees kicked things off with drinks outside while watching the sun set over the Pacific landscape.

After the ceremony had finished, Stephen went for a swim in the sea with several friends while sporting “a huge smile” on his face, according to a GossipCenter eyewitness.

Guests also danced to a band that played guitars on the beachside deck as they reveled their way into the early hours of the morning..

Anna Paquin Gets Provocative

Anna Paquin fred segal sunglasses true blood sandals Agent Provocateur

Anna must have something planned for her True Blood costar and real-life love Stephen Moyer ’cause she got TWO bags full of sexy lingerie at Agent Provacateur!

Even sexy lingerie is a few threads more than what she wore on her insanely provocative Rolling Stone cover with fiance Stephen and costar Alexander Skaarsgard. Apparently this girl’s not afraid to bare all!
Who thought the little girl in The Piano would turn out to be so hot?!

Mel B in Miami

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English pop singer-songwriter and actress Melanie “”Mel B” Brown, wearing a yellow bikini and embroidered sheer cover-up, and her husband Stephen Belafonte enjoy the pool with friends at their hotel in South Beach.

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