Why Is Sarah Huckabee Sanders Lying About Baking A Pie For Thanksgiving??

This is such a bizarre thing to lie about!!!

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders posted a really bizarre tweet to her Twitter account on Thursday afternoon, claiming she backed a chocolate pecan pie at the Huckabee family farm for Thanksgiving… only to share a stock photo picture of a pie that almost certainly wasn’t hers.

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The right-wing loony-toon apologist esteemed communications professional shared this tweet and picture that stormed up a TON of controversy (below):

Very quickly here today, it got EVERYONE going, including celebs who noted that this administration truly lies about EVERYTHING (below):


Real people went after Huckabee Sanders, too, trolling her with things they claim to have produced from stock photos as well (below):


But seriously, WTF, Sarah??

At least she finally (kind of?) acknowledged things when White House reporter April Ryan called her on it (below):

She’s getting destroyed online for these shenanigans — and very deservedly so!!!

What do U think, Perezcious readers?! Let us know your opinions in the comments (below)!!!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

What better way to explain the importance of Thanksgiving than to have the white man explain it to his staff at a Mid America Novelties call center in India? Seriously I am thankful to NBC for giving us Outsourced, my favorite new comedy of the season and as soon as I saw that opening I knew I had to put it as my Thanksgiving post!
And I know I say this every year, but I am thankful to all of you for reading my blog. Words can never express how thankful I am for all of you! So please enjoy all of your turkey tonight and survive being with your loved ones…so you can come back tomorrow and read my blog again!!!
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Jessica Simpson Gets Engaged to Eric Johnson!

Making for quite the whirlwind romance, Jessica Simpson and boyfriend Eric Johnson are officially engaged to be married!

Confirming the good news, a rep for Miss Simpson stated, “Yes, we are excited to confirm that they are engaged!”

The wedding plans come after the “Dukes of Hazzard” actress began dating the former NFL player back in May of this year – with the two having been together for a short six months.

The timing of the pair’s engagement also comes on the heels of Jessica’s ex husband Nick Lachey’s engagement news to Vanessa Minnillo.

While no wedding date has been divulged, Jessica and Eric plan on spending Thanksgiving together in NYC, as Simpson said, “We’re all gonna be in New York. I’m gonna be on a [Macy’s parade] float. It’s not always the best way to spend a Thanksgiving, but it’s a great way to celebrate. So, maybe I’ll just have all families on the float.”

Beyonce Announces ABC Thanksgiving Special Plans

She had such a fine experience last year that Beyonce Knowles has signed on with ABC for another Thanksgiving special airing later this month.

Taking place on Thanksgiving night (November 25), “Beyonce’s I Am … World Tour” will be shown on the network beginning at 9:30PM ET.

According to AP reports, the show will be “a combination of performance clips from the tour, as well as backstage moments.”

With Beyonce’s husband Jay-Z and fellow rapper Kanye West slated to make appearances, ABC expects to treat viewers to a highly visual act “complicated by a performer who will tolerate nothing less than perfection.”

Heroic Halle Berry All Smiles After Leaving Acting Class

Halle Berry jacket leather scarf sunglasses tights skirt sexy boots hat purse acting class

Guess the Catwoman actress learned a few new skills in her acting class today! Check out Halle Berry – without hot beau Olivier Martinez – rocking a pair of tight black leggings and a mini jacket in LA this afternoon…

And this just in: Berry will present an award at the fourth annual CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute on Thanksgiving Day. Other celebs signed on include Demi Moore, Eva Longoria and Renee Zellweger.
Halle's lookin' hot!

FIRST PIX – Tiger Woods Comes Out Of Hiding

tigerjogging1.jpgphotos courtesy Getty Images

Let the PR campaign begin! Tiger Woods was “spotted” jogging near his Orlando home today by a Getty photographer. And by “spotted,” I mean Tiger’s peeps set up the shot with Getty so they could get the first images of the beleaguered golfer out to the media ahead of his scheduled intimate chat with “a small group of friends” on Friday during which we expect him to, again, apologize for his infidelity with his wife and perhaps to announce he’ll compete in the Masters tournament in early April.

tigerjogging2.jpgTiger and a pal “accidentally” running into a Getty photographer in Woods’ gated community today

Reports claim Tiger’s been back in Orlando for the past couple of weeks following a supposed stint in a Mississippi rehab for sex addiction. A source tells X17online his supposed time at the Pine Grove Behavioral Health and Addiction Services may turn out not to be true (as X17 has doubted all along). It is believed Tiger may have sought some treatment after the Thanksgiving Day accident that launched the world’s most famous athlete into one of the hugest cheating scandals we’ve ever seen, but not for six weeks and perhaps, not in Hattiesburg. While we doubt Tiger will address that in this Friday’s press conference (I mean really, it’s not an intimate chat with pals, there’s a satellite feed going out!), the truth will eventually come out …
Hmmm … his eye and the rest of his face look fine. No signs of any significant injury or plastic surgery. Is it possible certain things were blown out of proportion after the Thanksgiving accident? Media a little too hungry to get a story???