“Justin Bieber turned 18 today, so now you can get on that legally” links

Justin Bieber turned 18 years old today. Mazel tov! [Bitten and Bound]
Brad Goreski used to be a massive cokehead. And he was bullied. [LimeLife]
Are these baby names really “ugly”? I LOVE Chauncey. That‘s a great cat name. I also love the name Virginia, but that‘s probably because I live here. [Jezebel]
Britney Spears & Jason Trawick‘s wedding is on hold, y‘all. [CDAN]
New trailer for The Avengers. [I’m Not Obsessed]
Dear Youth of America: Stop playing with fire. Please. [Videogum]
Jennifer Lopez without makeup. [Celebslam]
Why do racists think racist emails are so hilarious? [Bossip]
The Cracken wears flannel. [ICYDK]
Coco does aerial yoga. It‘s kind of awesome. [Yeeeah]
Jessica Simpson MUST EAT NOW. [INFDaily]
Justin Bieber is doing a lot for the Make-A-Wish foundation. [Seriously? OMG! WTF?]
Arnold Schwarzenegger & Maria might reconcile. [Radar]
Bachelor Ben‘s rep claims Ben didn‘t cheat. [Life & Style]
Look at Jessica Alba‘s tiny ‘Shopped waist. [Hollywood Rag]
Beautiful photos of Marilyn Monroe. The Cracken WISHES. [Celebs]
The best video featuring lots of cows and one very calm dog. [CityRag]
Jason Isaacs: creepy or sexy? I still can‘t tell. [Starpulse]


Jennifer Lopez Sex Tape Soon?

Seth Rogen and Joseph Gordon-Levitt? Whaaa?

Good news. Jennifer Lopez’s ex-husband got the okay to release “intimate” home footage. Muahaha. [Bossip]
Jennifer Garner is not pregnant, alright, so quit asking. [Celebitchy]
Jeff Conaway, Bobby Wheeler in Taxi, died today after weeks in a coma from a drug overdose. [TDW]
Everyone figured out this was a terrible idea. [FilmDrunk]
Tiffani Thiessen …

White Collar and Covert Affairs are back on USA’s case starting June 7th!

USA Network announced today that White Collar and Covert Affairs will be back on the air for their new seasons starting June 7th. Covert Affairs was a huge hit as soon as it premiered last year and I can’t wait to see what happens this season on the show. Piper Perabo has proven she can be a tough girl in the Coyote Ugly world of TV. And even though Chris Gorham plays a blind CIA agent, anyone can see he not only does a convincing job with the role…he is also perfect for it. Covert Affairs is so cool, it will make the hottest day this summer seem bearable!
In the press release, USA also said that both shows went back into production this week. In honor of that fact Peter Gallagher Tweeted this cute picture of Gorham and him on the set today and said, “@Chris_Gorham ‘s Saint Patrick’s Day paperweight at Headquarters! You can all relax, the world is safe. Cheers!” Something else to cheer about this is the show will be back in less than three months.
And something for me to cheer about…here is something that @Chris_Gorham Tweeted today “Nice, @seriouslyomgwtf broke the news to me that #CovertAffairs is back Tue, June 7 at 10!” I have been a big fan of his since Popular, so between getting this Tweet and USA announcing when the show will be back, I already feel like I have had my share of the Luck of the Irish.

Just call John Stamos, “Mr Sparkles”!

John Stamos is in Florida to ring in the New Year with the Beach Boys and like many celebrities he uses a fake name when he checks in to hotels. Well today he Tweeted how the place where he is staying messed up his alias, “The nice room service girl got my fake hotel name wrong and called me “mr sparkles” love it. I will only answer to mr sparkles today!!!” I think he should his change his name to that permanently because he always sparkles to me.

RIP Leslie Nielsen

The world is a lot less funny today because Leslie Nielsen passed away today in Florida at the age of 84 from pneumonia according to The Hollywood Reporter. The Canadian star began as a serious actor before making the switch to comedy and we all got to laugh along with him in several parody movies including Airplane and the Naked Gun franchise. Even though he will not be any more movies, we can still laugh with him in the ones that he did. So today make some time to watch your favorite Leslie Nielsen movie and remember the comedic genius. And don’t call him Shirley. I will surely miss him and I know I am not alone.

Angelina Jolie Cracks A Smile On Set

Angelina Jolie was snapped on the set of United Love Story in Budapest, Hungary this morning, and the Oscar winner appeared to be in a much better mood today. After spending time showing crew members how to properly shoot a gun on Thursday and Friday, it looks like the scenes that were filmed today were much less stressful. Hurray for that! But that frumpy outfit? Hmm … the only fashionable thing we see here is the gorgeous smile on her face!
Sorry Angie!

Angelina Jolie Looks Stressed As She Prepares To Shoot A Big Battle Scene

Angelina Jolie tank canon battle scene Budapest director film set stressed worried upset coffee Angelina Jolie tank canon battle scene Budapest director film set Angelina Jolie tank canon battle scene Budapest director film set

Angelina Jolie looked a little stressed out on the set of her Bosnian love story today as she prepared to shoot a big battle scene complete with what looks to be an actual tank!

Perhaps the fact that her partner Brad Pitt (who has been a source of support for Angie on set) was absent today, was adding to her stress.

Angelina has been shooting her directorial debut in Budapest for about a month now, and it seems that the weather and the pressure of her directorial duties are finally getting to her.

But all directors have their “off days” and we’re sure Angelina will shake it off and be back to her glowing self tomorrow!

We hope so, anyway!